Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I have part of my first day of http://onlinecardclasses.com/hcw13/class-info/ under my belt. I made the first and second card so far. We were gone most of yesterday so I didn't get started until today. I love the cards and am pleased with the way they turned out. My white gel pen would not work on the first card so I will be replacing it soon. That sets off the card so well. The second card with the banner I had a harder time with matching up the banners but I love the idea. These gals are so talented and I am learning new things. So here are my first attempts.  The first card is a gift card holder and I will be making more of these. Perfect for any occasion you are giving a gift for.  The white stitching should go under the top red tape and above the bottom red tape. I didn't have decorated tape so I had to stamp on my tape to make it look better!

I don't think I let the background get dry on my second card because it wore off on the front! I only have two background stamps so I didn't have a big choice of what to use. There are so many things I don't have that the gals use so I am using just what I can come up with. It was so much fun. This won't be the last class I take, that's for sure. 


MaryH said...

Really like both of these cards, and you've done an outstanding job. Love the folds on the 2nd one, and I'm interested in hearing about the online class. I'm off to enjoy some of your other posts, as I've not had a chance to get by for a visit for a bit. Life gets busy...glad you are enjoying the class.

Colleen said...

Brenda, both of your cards for the Online Card Class are fabulous!! Wow, I am really impressed! I love those gift card ideas inside the card also!! Beautifully done, Brenda!