Monday, August 31, 2015

Won't get to the card until after the second paragraph so you can skip to that.

Had another dust up with the home care agency again Friday. I had an appt. with eye doctor at 10:30 and by 10:15 no one had come and I had to leave. I left the door unlocked and wondered why no one was here. I knew our new regular Fri. gal was on vacation and figured they would send someone who knew us and had been here before. When I got to the dr. I called the agency and she said "oops, I meant to call you". They sent a brand new person. I never leave when someone new comes. Needless to say I was terribly upset. I don't want to leave hubby with someone new the first time. We have had six ladies in ten weeks or 30 days. That just seems like a lot of new people. They don't know where things are or what he likes if I'm not here. Five of them did not know how to run the DVR and that is necessary because he watches his DVD's all day and one of my two requirements. I'm sorry to carry on but this is our whole life and it is so important we get this right. I have typed up instructions for the DVR so that has been taken care of. Some of the ladies are afraid to do it for fear they will do something wrong. I have a feeling all agencies are like that because the gals come and go that work for them. I make my appointments around someone being here and that didn't work. If it's just meeting for lunch, I can always reschedule that. But, I need to be called if there is a change.

Then I get to the grocery store and load up the cart so I don't have to go next week. Get all checked out and my card is rejected. WHAT? That has never happened and I know it is good. Target has new machines so we tried putting in the card number by hand several times.  I tried to call the bank number on the back of the card several times. Once my phone cut off the call and the next time they wanted to tell me of a new product I could take advantage of. I left. I came home and called again. It is my fault. I didn't change to the new card when it came in the mail. This is real life and it's wearing me out.

My girlfriend, Marilyn, had a birthday on Saturday and this is the card I sent her. It is a pink shimmer sheet embossed with one of the new We R Memory Keepers embossing folder. It was hard to get a good picture of it because of the reflection. She is in Myrtle Beach right now and they are getting pounded with rain left over from Erica. I hope it passes soon. So much flooding in Florida. I hope all of you in Florida are safe. Be kind to one another.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Our granddaughter moved in to her dorm yesterday for her freshman year of college. How fast they grow up! The school has so many activities planned between now and when classes start Monday the kids will be worn out by then!

I bought this stamp by Stampendous last week called Ranunculus and I loved it on sight. I saw the sample card in the store so I don't know who made it but I loved it too. The big pink, smaller blue and little yellow flowers are popped up I cut the bottom off so I could mount it on the gingham background. Be kind to one another.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Oh Monday, Monday. The whole new beginning of a great week. I ordered two of the faucet turn off devices, one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom. It looks like they just screw onto the faucet. Surely I can do that! I also got the results of the bone density test and it's true, I have bones! I am right in the normal range for my age. It was a lot of T and Z scores. My BMD is normal and I have no Frax risk. So I think that is good news.

Here is the card I smooshed. It is a fun, easy technique. This was done using a clear block and putting the ink on the block and spritzing with water. It's quick and easy and the more I look at it the better I like it. I didn't at first. Things always look better when they dry.  Be kind to one another.

Friday, August 21, 2015

I met Sharyn for lunch Wednesday and enjoyed it so much. I wish you all could meet her too. She is so nice and makes such wonderful cards. If you haven't been to her blog you might want to see for yourself at Doesn't my tee shirt look like a card background?

I want to clear up the confusion about the running water the other day. Pictures below. Normally the faucet would be aiming into the sink. But that is not what happened. Hubby had pushed the faucet all the way to the right so the water ran behind the sink and soaked into the cabinet underneath, then out of the cabinet and on the floor. I never keep the stopper in the sink at night, just for that reason. I have checked around and found a device that may work and shut the water off automatically. I will go over and see if they carry it in the store or if I have to order online then have it installed. Either way, it needs to be done.  Be kind to one another.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My sister in law and I went to the State Fair Monday. The day started out overcast and looking like rain. It did sprinkle a bit on the way over but then cleared up. After a while the sun came out and it got humid. I think this was my last Fair. I had forgotten it is line after line of food trucks and in the buildings are people selling things. No stamps, no ink, no paper. What good is the fair?! Seriously, we do look at the quilts and all the booths and have lunch. It is a lot of walking and I don't do well walking long distances in the humidity.

Yesterday I got a bone density test. My doctor wanted me to get it since I threw my back out. It's been a long time since I had one and it's good to know it you're okay. Or not. Should get the results soon. I think it was more muscles involved from picking up hubby's feet to get him dressed when I had the back trouble. Anti inflammatory meds made it better. I'll tell you, can't breathe, can't bend over - what next. Aging is a beast.

I got up this morning to a completely flooded kitchen. Two inches of water all the way out to the fridge, about three feet. Under the sink cabinet was several inches of water. Hubby left the water at a quick drip and the faucet pushed all the way over the back of the sink. The water just ran into the cabinet and out on the floor. He must have done it early in the night. I always check it before I go to bed and it was off. It took 11 huge thick bath towels to soak it up. The towel on the right is soaking it up. The ones on the left are the ones I just put down. They will look like the one on the right in a minute!  The floor has been dried already. All the undercabinet stuff had to be dried and is sitting on the counter until the cabinet dries out. This is the second time. I am going to check at Lowe's and see if there is a faucet that has an automatic shut off. I don't want to do this again. Anyway, that's what I've been doing instead of making cards. I did do another smoosh that Bonnie linked to. It uses a block to smoosh with. I'll post that next time. Today I am having lunch again with Sharyn This time we'll try to get a picture! Be kind to one another.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

I had a bit of a setback this week with my ladies. No one came on Wed. They called and said she was sick and no one else could come. This lady was filling in for our regular lady on Wed. That kind of threw my plans off so I'm behind this week. I was going to just go in my craft room and work instead of going out. They encourage you to go somewhere and get out for a while. She said even if you go sit at McDonalds and read a book in the parking lot! I'm not one to shop so to me just getting to craft without being interrupted would be heaven. The lady that came last Friday is from India and she was so interesting to talk to. The one that came this Friday was born in Russia and she will most likely be our regular Fri. gal. I really liked her too.  Anyway I did start a card one day and finished it later on. I made a mask over the bird and added a light blue wash for sky but the top feathers got a little wet and faded. I didn't know how to fix that so it will have to do. This is for our regular Mon, Wed. gal, Faye. I wanted her to  know we missed her. I love these crazy birds and the looks on their faces. This one is my favorite. Today I'm having lunch with my SU demo and another gal we stamp with and I'm really looking forward to it. Be kind to one another.

I should add that the sentiment is from a Hero Arts stamp set, just so there is no confusion.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What a wonderful day I had yesterday. I got to meet Vickie of She is the sweetest person ever. We had two and a half hours to visit after lunch. We talked and laughed and I enjoyed it so much. I hope to do it again soon.

Now that I have met three terrific ladies from blogland, Sharyn, Mary and Vickie, I want to meet all of you! Just let me know how soon you'll be in Indy and I'm there. Wouldn't that be fun to have all of us together. Just like the SU convention!  Truly it is an honor to get to know all of you either by blogs or in person. The only downside is I was gone most of the day and no time to make cards. I am so grateful that I have home help now. It has made such a difference for hubby and me. I don't worry if I leave now and he likes talking to the ladies that come. Be kind to one another.

Here we are. I don't know what happened to my shirt. It seems to be twisted and it's giving me a headache to look at it!

Monday, August 10, 2015

I've rested up from Saturday and I'm ready to go again. Today I'm off to meet Vickie of She is a stamper too and is going to be in Indy today so we are meeting for lunch. I am excited to meet her. The picture today is what I purchased at Stampaway. I got the Precision Plate for the Big Shot on Mary's reccomendation. Then from Simon Says I got a bundle that included the stamp set Best Fishes, the dies and the stencil. I bought the two newest DI, Blueprint Sketch and Ground Expresso inks and a stamp set from the Tim Holtz booth. I also got a background stamp and bow die from IO. So not too much this time. Be kind to one another.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

It's Saturday evening and I am back from Stampaway. I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful couple Mary and Joe H. are.  I am so happy to have met them both. We walked around some together and sat and talked after lunch. I actually didn't buy a lot because I didn't shop that much. (It's not like I needed anything)! But just the day with new friends was terrific. My SIL Sharon went even though she wasn't feeling well and still has the brace on her foot. I just kept thinking how nice it was for Mary and Joe to come all this way and how lucky I am to meet them. Tim Holtz and Mario came out to get a bite to eat while we were sitting and talking. Mary asked Tim if he would mind taking some pictures for her friend and he couldn't have been nicer. He even held my phone while I took pictures of him and Mary! She will be posting her pictures soon. Joe was nice enough to take pictures of the three of us. Even after I told him the wrong button to push. I'm off to sit for a bit. I received my hug from Darnell from Mary and I gave her her hug from Di and Bonnie. Here are the pix I had on my camera and phone.  Be kind to one another.

Friday, August 7, 2015

It's such a pretty day with sunshine and not too hot. I'm trying to get everything ready for my little get away tomorrow. I need to run several errands and I'm going to try to get in making a card with the smooshing again. I saw a video by Kylie of I saw a link to her from Bonnie's blog at It looks like something I could possibly do! So I'm hoping to get this done, if not today, then maybe Sunday. Today's card is another one with the same sponging and perfect pearls but no embossing folder. The stamp is Sweet and Sassy. Be kind to one another and have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My second post in one day! Mary of challenged me to make a card like the one Jennifer McGuire made Sunday. I didn't have the exact color of ink she used but I came as close as I could. Mary also made one and hers is just gorgeous. I also added some teeny strips of cardstock to my background card from this morning but it did not improve the card - it made it show more how crooked it is. Mary gave me a hint on a good paper trimmer to use. I've never had one that cut straight. We are meeting each other on Saturday and I can't wait to meet her. Be kind to one another.

I'm baaaack! I am exhausted. Five days of constant running with teenagers when I am mostly a couch potato has done me in. One mall, one outlet mall and one place with indoor and outdoor go carts, bowling, putt-putt and lots of arcade games, several movies, lots of eating and snacks and playing games - it was wonderful. That's when my age starts showing.

I did make one card from the online card class Background Check. This is a card background made by Laura Bassen. I stamped several stamps in gray on white cardstock. Then sponged on Distress Ink in several colors. Then cut out the front and layered onto cardstock and stamped an image by Gina K. I had to cut down the plaid because my stripes didn't go all the way to the edge. It looks kind of funky, so I think I will add a tiny little strip of gray cardstock to both sides of the plaid. The inside says "Way to Go". It is a congratulations card for my grandson who has been offered a job for next summer. I think he will get a kick out of this. I am going to try and catch up on laundry and maybe make a few cards from the class today. Or sleep. I will try to catch up with everyone's blogs in the next few days. I missed you all.  Be kind to one another.