Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Faye and DH got on wonderfully yesterday. They talked and laughed and had a great time. Another Friday lady cancelled on us this past week. She had to have her car towed so they sent another lady at the last minute. She was very nice and DH got along with her too. I don't know if she will be our regular Fri. gal or not. Yeasterday Faye did a few chores for me and I went in my craft room. I got to make a few phone calls and finally got to make a bokeh card. I think I didn't use dark enough colors on the background and let me pass on a tip that probably everyone knows but me. When you are pouncing the white ink through the stencil make sure to lift the stencil, clean the other side and move it. I drug it sometimes and there was white ink underneath and it smeared in a few places. So now we all know that! I do like the technique and will do it again. I got the sweetest card in the mail yesterday from Martha, the friend who had leukemia. She thanked me for all the cards I sent her but this was for Bill and I. I was so touched that after all she went through she thought of me. I'm showing you both of them and you'll know which is which! Be kind to one another.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I don't have a card today so you don't have to wade through this. I'll make it quick. Our Friday lady cancelled on us so no one came last Friday. She should be coming tomorrow. Our Mon, Wed. lady, Faye, is wonderful so far. She got DH to do everything she asked him and he likes her. He asked me Sat. when she was coming. The other night he told me she loves Molly. I left for an hour and a half Monday when she came and went to coffee with the neighbors and Wed. I had to take my car in for an estimate because I hit a truck backing out of the bank parking lot. The lady saw me backing up so she didn't go ahead and pull into the parking spot next to me so I didn't see her. Didn't hurt her truck and she said "nothing hurts this old truck". It made a dent about the size of a kneecap on my bumper. They are ordering the bumper and it will take two days to fix when it comes in. It's always something!

I just haven't had time or inclination to craft although there are still many new things I want to try. Bokeh has been tops on my list along with embossing paste and stencils again. I've also gotten some new background stamps that I haven't used. My cards are pretty plain so I need to branch out. I also have tons of 6x6 pattern paper that I hardly ever use and want to start. I so admire people that use PP on their cards. It always looks so pretty. I'm always afraid I'll put two together that clash even when I am using the same paper pack. I can pretty much make an NBUS card every day (http://www.djkardkreations.com/ and never run out of stuff to use. That's why I seldom enter http://pixiescraftyworkshop.blogspot.com/ bacause I start with new paper every time. BUT, I do have lots of scraps.

Okay, I've run on and on. I think I say so much here because DH and I don't talk a lot during the day and I talk a lot!   I want to take a class about "Creating a Scene" . I see people do it but I can't get the hang of it. Be kind to one another and I'll be back soon with cards.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

It actually happened. My home helper came yesterday. She got hubby to wash and dress, she washed his clothes and cleaned the hall bathroom. Mostly we sat and got acquainted and made a plan for hubby's care and the housecleaning. I've never had a housecleaner so I didn't really know what to tell them to do. We have worked out a schedule but she can only come on Mon. and Wed. A new lady will come tomorrow and she will be our Friday lady. I hope she is as nice as Faye was yesterday. She has taken care of her mom and another lady who both had dementia so she knew what to do and how to speak to him. He went right along with her and was very docile. I really thought that's what would happen. When he was in the hospital and just the two of us in the room, he kept saying he was leaving, they couldn't keep him there and on and on. When the nurse came in to look at his head, he was so sweet and nice to her!

I made today's card for my daughter in law. She is so sweet and makes my son so happy and is so wonderful with his kids and puts up with the ex. That takes a saint! It shows what a difference a simple little card can make. She said when she got home from work the day the card came, she had had such a hard day and was so tired. She said she cried when she got the card and it lifted her spirits so much. So you never know when you pop a card in the mail how happy it makes someone. Be kind to one another.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I forgot I had one more grad card to make for my granddaughters friend. They are having their party together and I wanted to make her a card as well. My sister in law will be coming here and we will go to the party together.  This time it is real - I am getting help from an agency. I called Thursday and they will send someone to assess DH tomorrow.  I am asking for three days a week and they have a minimum of three hours. So they will shower and dress hubby and do housework until the three hours is up. If they just sweep and mop I will be in heaven. They even cook! I am hoping maybe they can come from 10-l each time. I am thinking maybe I could go to lunch with my friend that keeps asking me when I would like to go for lunch with her. Maybe. I won't leave for a while until I know they get along and he is happy with her. I hope it goes well tomorrow and they can set up a schedule for us.
So I have high hopes again. Be kind to one another.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I've been making my granddaughter's graduation thank you cards. Her party is in the park on Sunday and I'm hoping for beautiful weather for it. She wanted fun cards to send and some just regular ones. So I used Tim Holtz Bird Crazy set. I haven't gotten them all colored (very time consuming) but some are done. All are stamped and the regular ones are done. They were very simple. I bought a box of notecards in pastels and a box in bright colors a long time ago and had never used them, so these were perfect for this project.  I stamped the birds on the pastels so I could color them and the brights are just stamped with a thank you except for the white ones. I added a scalloped circle in her school color since their colors are green and white. Each bright color of cardstock was stamped in the closest color I could find to match. I made 80 of them! Be kind to one another.

Monday, June 8, 2015

We had a great time at my nephews grad party. The food truck had great food and each order was fixed just as you wanted it. There were four choices along with sides. Lots of games for the kids to play. It was so nice to see many of hubby's side of the family we don't get to see that often. Today I am starting to make my granddaughter's thank you cards. She graduated yesterday in a class of 446. It was a long ceremony but I enjoyed it. One of the things I learned is their school is in the top 2% in the US. That was impressive. It was a busy, fun weekend.  This picture is of my sister in law and I by the truck. I am on the left. I didn't realize how long that blouse was! Be kind to one another.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The sun is out and it's a pretty day. I needed that. Hubby fell last night and cracked a hole in the top of his head. He couldn't get up and I couldn't get him up so I called the paramedics. The firemen came first, then ambulance. They got him up and took him to ER. Cat scan was okay, got tetanus shot and they cleaned him up and we came home. They couldn't stitch it because the skin was so torn. It was scary for both of us. He is okay now and watching Walker, Texas Ranger.

Today's card is for my nephew who is having his grad party tonight. I'm looking forward to it, not only to see the family but they are having a Food Truck. I've never eaten from one and can't wait for this new experience. It should be fun. His high school colors are red and white and his college colors are going to be red and white, so this seemed like a perfect fit.  I die cut the letters and matted it on red cardstock. The letters and cap are Lawn Fawn and the congratulations is SU. Be kind to one another.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I have a list of to do today so I thought I'd better pop in first thing this morning. My friend, Martha, finished her chemo treatments and her blood work is back to normal from her leukemia. Whoo hoo. I made her this card with the Tim Holtz birds. I love the expressions on their faces. They are a hoot. The inside says hooray, you did it! Be kind to one another.