Monday, March 21, 2016

I made cards!! I made up my mind that I was going in my craft room and make cards yesterday no matter what. They are very simple because I wanted to make several and all of my supplies aren't put away yet. The other supplies are put away in new homes and I'm having trouble remembering where exactly I put them. I need to label drawers because my brain is confused. I did find my sequins so that's what's on the cards! They are pretty much alike and I didn't use my new dies. I'll be surprised next year when I get out the Easter supplies.

I'm excited today because I'm meeting my friend Vickie of for lunch today. We had such a good time last time we met so I'm looking forward to seeing her again. We just talked and laughed like two people who have been friends forever.

I finally got my tax papers together Saturday. It never takes more than an hour and I don't know why I put it off so long. I know it will take longer at the accountant's house this year but I'm ready for it. She always asks questions I don't know the answer to. I know she gets frustrated with me. We only do it once a year and I don't remember from year to year what she wants to know. Note to self: take notebook with you this year and actually take notes.

Better get on with the day. Dancing with the Stars starts tonight. I love watching them get better and better each week. I don't like shows with violence and a lot of them are. I like the Amazing Race because they have to do things that the residents do and it is so interesting to see the countries and the people. Be kind to one another and dance the day away.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

I have done nothing but carry on about all this "stuff" I have and no place to put it. I need a shrink because I went to the Heirloom show yesterday and BOUGHT more "stuff". I need to look in a mirror and say "My name is Brenda and I need help".  There must be a program for people like me. I did NOT buy stamps or paper. I am trying the new Distress Crayons. In the past I would have gotten all three sets but I did not do that, only got one. I got a stencil, the new Ken Oliver  Liquid Metals, a next level embossing folder and two Memory Box little bitty bunny dies. Didn't spend much and only got supplies. So I think I did okay even though I did bad.  In my defense, none of that will take up much room! Now if I only have the time to make some cards. I am really over messing with the stuff in the garage. My son is coming today if there is no tornado to help me hang some things. I am hoping he will take some of the stuff home with him.  Okay, that is my confession for today. I'm sorry but for some reason extremely happy with my new "stuff". Be kind to one another.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

These last two days have been miserable. I've reached an impasse and have a real (to me) dilemma. I have everything I want back in the house. It is not organized but it's in. The dilemma is that the garage is still full and most of the other things are still on the sunporch. The bathtub is empty because that's where I put a lot of my craft stuff. I don't want to bring all that stuff back in but I can't just throw it away. There are pictures I don't want to put back up and every kind of thing you can imagine. I will be donating a lot of belongings and I'm thrilled for it to go. My neighbor came by yesterday and I had lots of craft stuff on the dining room table. Her DIL works with Brownies and I gave her tons of stuff for crafts for them. I want to give it to good homes so I will be going through more things for her. I have come to the conclusion that I have a real problem hoarding paper. I'm not talking patterned paper (although that too), I'm talking note pads and reams of plain white paper. Now that all my stamps are in one place I find I have way too many. It doesn't look like too many when they are in different places but oh my, I have a lot. They have to have new homes as well. If there is any Stampin Up stamp set you wished you had purchased a long time ago, let me know. I probably have it and will send it to you. So in conclusion, the last two days I walk into the garage and look around and come back in the house. I hope to have my craft room whipped back into shape in the next few days. Then I have to do the bedroom and baths.

Today I'm sharing the last of the cards I've received from my blogging friends. I have been so blessed to receive wonderful cards from all of you. Never underestimate the feelings of the recipient when you send a handmade card. It makes you feel so special that someone would sit down and make a card for you. You know they are thinking of you and care about you. I think making cards is so gratifying and the most wonderful thing to do for a person. Love you all and be kind to one another.

Friday, March 4, 2016

The carpet is installed and I love it. Everything is so new and clean except for everything that is in the garage, tub and sun porch! The thought of bringing all that stuff back in and sorting through it is just overwhelming. I did so well in the beginning at sorting and donating. Then the time started getting away and I just took stuff out. Today I am taking a break and visiting my blogs to say hi. I'm tired and the rest of it can wait.

I remember when Darnell of  posted her picture of her paper trimmers on Valentines Day and I took a picture of mine to join up with her. She mentioned how many we all have! I have six and don't feel that any of them really give an accurate cut but maybe some day I will find one I like. Mary of gave me a tip on one to buy but it isn't on my immediate list.  This picture was taken on my old carpet. I hope to post a picture soon of the new. Be kind to one another and I'll try to get by and say hi.