Tuesday, May 28, 2024

It's the 28th

of the month and time for Group of seven cardmakers. This month we are making Bokeh cards and I hope you visit the ladies to see what they made.

I made my cards by using blending brushes to add color to card panels. I used white ink through a stencil to create bokeh circles. I added die cuts to the cards and a few sequins. This is such a busy month and I'm short of time and made these very simple. I love how quick they go together and give such a soft background. 

Turns out you can buy a birthday cake and eat it anytime. Nobody checks.

Be kind to one another.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Still here

I wish all the Mother's today a Happy Mother's Day. My mother is no longer here, along with so many that are gone, but it's still a day to celebrate them. 

I'm still here but somewhat stymied. I can't seem to move forward until this mess is cleaned up. I am one thing at a time person and this is making me crazy. Well, crazier. I made one card because I needed to. It is my granddaughter's birthday and, of course. I would make her a card. She is coming today with my sons to help me do some cleaning. I requested that for Mother's Day since there are things I cannot do myself. I'm looking forward to it and maybe it will kick start me.

She loves chocolate so I thought this would suit her to a T. I used the Waffle Flower postage die and rub-ons from Stamperia. So easy and so perfect for her.

I seem to be missing the "zippity" part of my "do-dah" day.

Be kind to one another.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Cornhole fun

Thankfully it is not mold under the sink.  The water seeped under the flooring so that has to be replaced too. They hung a heavy plastic curtain across the kitchen and left five power blowers for two days to dry it out. The sound was deafening! Daisy was not a fan! The blowers are gone as well as the curtain now. The kitchen is still in disarray. I'm waiting for the construction people to come and take measurements and put me on the schedule for rebuilding the cabinet. Then the flooring company will come with samples and take measurements and put me on the schedule. We are moving along in the process.

My card today is for a guy who loves cornhole. If you don't know it, it is a game using small bags filled with rice or sand and tossed from a distance to the opposite board in order to get the bag through the hole. It started as a backyard game and has evolved into tournaments on TV. These are actually stickers because that is the only thing I could find that depicted cornhole. I used brushes to add in sky and grass and added a sun. I think he'll like it even though it is so simple.

I'm on my third guardian angel. My first one quit and my second one is in therapy. 

Be kind to one another.