Friday, April 29, 2016

Just as Valery of said, the Fuse came home. It was shoved in a drawer way in the back.. I didn't need it right this minute but I was missing it. I like my ducks in a row!

I am loving this Online Class Clear and Sheer. It is all about vellum and acetate, neither of which I use very much. This is one class that I have time to do some homework for. Everytime I take a class something else seems to be going on and I am not home so I don't make the cards. There have been four cards a day and I've only made each day one but that's okay. I'm still learning the techniques and the nice thing is that class is always available.

The first card is day two's homework. It is a card shown by Jennifer McGuire. I tried it the first time and didn't use good colors and it was dark and dreary. I put it aside and was ready to move on to the next card. There is a segement called Crafty Chat in this class. One of the things the gals said was don't expect to make everything right the first time. We need to practice and practice. So I didn't give up, I started over and I like it much better. It is not perfect but after I make it several times I should "get" it. Today I have to admit I kinda like the first one I made. I took a picture of the colored vellum so you could see it. I think with an image stamped with versamark and white embossing powder might make it okay.

The second one is a tag of acetate. It is actually two tags. The bottom one has the little house and flower and the top one has the fairies. Debby used acetate tags and I didn't have any so I used an old Sizzix die and made my own. They are not as big as her tags were so I couldn't get a sentiment on it. I punched a tag out and added another fairy to it. The tags are tied together with twine. It is a fun technique but you can't see the dimension in the picture. Be kind to one another.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

We had a safe trip down and back to the outlet mall and had a great time. I actually shopped! There were no stamp stores so it wasn't as much fun as it could have been, but it was okay!!  We beat the thunderstorms home and they rolled through most of the early morning today with lots of heavy rain.

I am taking the online card class clear and sheer and it is all about vellum and sheer additions to your cards. This is a quick class loaded with lots of videos and information. This is my homework for day one. My next door neighbor had surgery yesterday so I made a card to let her know I'm thinking of her. I used a Hero Arts stamp for the image and attached the vellum with PPP sequins. I colored the flowers with Zig markers. Be kind to one another.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I've been a busy gal but I'm getting things done. Worked yesterday in the garage again and found some more things I didn't know I'd lost. Everything is in it's new home for now except I can't find the Fuse. I looked and looked and it has gone missing.

My girlfriend Marilyn is coming down today and we are going to the outlet mall. She is the one that was in the accident with me last month. I'm hoping for a better outcome this time!

I made today's card for my grandsons birthday next month. I have lots of May cards to make so I want to get ahead and this is my first one. It is a Lawn Fawn shellfish and sentiment, seaweed, bubbles and fish are Simon Says and circle is Mama Elephant. Background is DI. The fish have WOS on them and the bubbles have glossy accents. The waves were made by rubbing DI on an embossing folder and running through the Big Kick.  Be kind to one another and enjoy your day.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

I asked my friend Nancy to go to bingo with me as Sharon was sick. Nancy had a bingo and won a Coach purse! She was so happy. We had a great time and the group had a wonderful turnout of 320 people. It was loud, noisy and fun.

Okay friends, here is the embarrassing part of my life on display for all to see. This is the sunroom that has the overflow of my craft stuff. The white cabinet used to be in my craft room as well as the bookcase. It is wonderful to have a place now to still keep that extra stuff but I hasten to tell you that the drawers are empty in the white cabinet and so are the drawers in the printers cabinet. The stuff that you see are the things I brought back in the house to keep and I will go through it all again and weed out what I don't want. It's a process. So there you have it - my secret place! I shouldn't have this much stuff but I do. It is years and years of stuff I NEEDED.  Be kind to one another (and to me).

Monday, April 18, 2016

I had a nice day with the family yesterday and  beautiful weather. After dinner we visited the cementery as a family to see the headstone and took flowers. The stone has been there but we wanted to go as a family the first time.

I spent most of the day working in the garage today. It is wonderfully warm and no wind so a perfect day to get things done. I'm going to eat leftovers from yesterday for dinner and chill in front of the tv for DWTS tonight.

Here are the pictures of my craft room. It's still not quite like I want it but I'm pretty happy. This is as you come into the room on the right. The closet is behind the door as you come in. There is a cabinet with reinkers, alcohol inks, washi tape. glitter and embossing powders that I've put into containers.. Next to that is my cart that holds the Big Kick and paper trimmer. The drawers have plates and SU framelets. My clear stamps are in the large white basket, Lawn Fawn in the blue tub and dies are in the small white basket. Scrapbooks are tucked in both sides on the floor. The door on the left has the SU stamps I use all the time and the door on the right is empty right now.

Looking straight ahead is my table with ink pads and Copics along with a turntable thing with tools. My SU stamps are in the racks from Target and a plastic drawer unit holds DeNami  stamps, special papers, stencils and paste, Inka Gold and just two drawers of stuff. Left of the table is a drawer unit with embossing powders in their canisters, and flock and embossing glitter. It also holds watercolor paints, gelatos, color pencils, zig watercolor pens, sequins and Brushos and Ken Oliver powders. The top of the unit has Distress Inks and markers and embossing folders.  The little brown paper sack under my desk is my trash can! It sits on top of my scrap paper. Not a perfect set up but it works for me.

To the left of the room is the computer station with bill paying stuff and some inks on the top. My printer is on the right because the cord is so short it had to be right there. It is sort of crowded in but threre isn't anywhere else it fits. The plastic cd cases have my PTI stamps in them above the little basket on the right side. 

Then to the left as you come in is the famous new loveseat. You can see who has taken that over. So 
that is it. Very compact and clean. Molly is very bored already with the new setup!  Be kind to one another.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Beautiful sunshine. I am a happy camper. I must need the sun because I sure get blue when there is day after day of gray clouds. Yesterday I went for my eye checkup and as I walked in the door the telltale sparkle of a migraine started. The sparkle lasted about 20 minutes, which is really long for me, and then the headache set in. I had to get through the appt. and then run by the grocery to get the food for our family dinner Sunday. As soon as the groceries were put away I was on the couch. It has been over five years since I had one. This morning I have a dull headache but not like yesterday. I hope they don't start up again. I have an appt. today that I need to keep.

I don't know why someone didn't stop me as I was making this card! I wanted to try the Color Burst powders. The colors are so pretty and I love the mix of them. It got a little splotchy but that was okay. Then I stamped the SU flowers in a stitched oval, then added a scalloped oval and that was okay.  I colored the flowers with copics and then the background of the flowers looked so bare so I sponged it. Shouldn't have used a yellow color so I went over it with blue, which of course made it somewhat green. But did I stop there with all that going one? No, I didn't. Since I had that color of green sequins I thought I should add a few. When I got them out I saw that I also had sequins in the blue color so why not put those on too. Then the greeting on vellum didn't show up very well with all that color behind it so I added white strip behind the vellum. And to think I made this card all in one day! No wonder I had a migraine. Be kind to one another and please don't scream out loud when you view this card today.

Edited: Now that I see the picture I find that one of the top green sequins fell off. What do you think this card is trying to tell me? I also wanted to tell you Molly is fine. Both of her lumps were benign and she goes back in ten days to have her stitches out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Be careful what you ask for! We had rain, lots of rain. Better than snow but it is still cold. I just took Molly to get her teeth cleaned and two lumps she has taken off. I hope she doesn't have to wear a lampshade as I can see her running full tilt into things.

My card today has taken two days to complete. I started by sponging DI in spun sugar, worn lipstick, wild honey, spiced marmalade and dusty concord on white c/s. Then stamped the flowers from Awesomely Artistic with versamark and black ink and heat embossed. I stamped the small fern in that set with Mellow Moss SU ink for the background. The flowers looked so bare so I took some DI markers and lightly filled in the petals.  I really didn't like that so I put it aside and left it alone. Yesterday I went back to it and filled in the petals with a WOS gold pen and now I love it. Embossed the sentiment and added a few sequins. I don't think you can see the shine but it is sparkly. I made this for my girlfriend's birthday next month. Be kind to one another.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Yesterday we had some light snow and today is predicted to have a few flurries too. Ick. Our April showers seem to be snow showers instead!  I spent part of yesterday trying to get the john fixed. My nephew came by and we got the water out of the tank. There is a lot of sand and grit in the tank and it gets under the rubber ring and causes the water to leak out and get low. Then the toilet flushes itself to get the water level back up. It does it during the night many times. I don't know where that sand has come from. He thinks maybe the water company was working on a line and it got in and is leeching into the water supply. I need to check with the neighbors and see if they are having trouble, then call the water company.  So I'll get that taken care of.

Mary of has blog candy and this is what she is giving away. Isn't it a fantastic package? I love that Penny Black stamp in the picture.

Be kind to one another.

Friday, April 8, 2016

I would have been back sooner but I have been looking all over for spring. It seems to have left the state as far as I can tell. It is cold, windy and yesterday was sleet and bursts of snow, along with cold temps and more wind.  I did get to work in the garage for a while the other day until the wind blew the lampshade off my oil lamp and I had to stop.  I found several things that had gone missing so I am happier about that. One was my printer cord that turned up in a plastic bag filled with other plastic bags. That's not where I normally keep it so no wonder I couldn't find it!

The furniture came yesterday and it does look nice and the loveseats are so comfortable. I love the cabinet too and have already started filling it up. I did make a birthday card for my friend, Thelma. These are  wood mounted stamps by Great Impressions and plaid paper by Lawn Fawn. This paper makes me so happy. I stamped the coffee cup  and stamped the sentiment on the cup, then I stamped the image on plaid paper and cut out the scalloped part. Then I used my snow marker on the last stamped foam image and cut it out and added to the card. I just used markers to make sprinkles.  Popped up the cup and I like how it came out. I used to chalk to color the Birthday Wish and added some Pretty Pink Posh sequins.  Be kind to one another. If you happen to see spring, please send it to Indiana.

Monday, April 4, 2016

I'm sorry for being gone so long. The time is just flying by and I can't keep up. I visited my girlfriend Marilyn a week ago last Thursday and on our way back from lunch we were in a car crash. Her sister was driving and they were in front and I was in the back on the drivers side.  A young man of 16 turned right into us on the drivers side at a pretty good rate of speed. He was coming up to the intersection to turn and didn't understand he needed an arrow to turn. Why he didn't see us I don't know. Marilyn and her sister really took the brunt of the seatbelts but they kept them from going through the windshield. My left leg was shoved up under the back of the front seat. I later found I had seatbelt bruises on my left shoulder, right breast and both hipbones! It didn't seem so bad at the time but my leg has been throbbing even though the bruises are somewhat gone. I still have a huge lump on my leg. It took away my mojo not only for cards but doing much.

I hope all the people in the path of the wind and snow are safe. We have had wind of 60-65 miles per hour for several days. The house just creaks and shakes. Molly's ears just flap and she blinks the whole time she is outside. It's a wonder she hasn't left the ground! We haven't had snow though.

I was sorry not to participate in Darnell's boo boo challenge. If I had been making cards I sure would have had cards to enter! I will start saving them for next year. I was invited to Easter dinner by my sons sister in law so I made a card yesterday to thank them. I have been viewing videos and there are several techniques I am ready to try so maybe I am getting back in the groove. The card was made by white embossing this older stamp by All Night Media called Many Thanks. I've had it for a long, long time and just love it. I sponged some DI over it and added some Doodlebug shape sprinkles. I used plaid paper from Lawn Fawn.  Be kind to one another.

Edited to add: Greta told me about the about using older rubber stamps. I believe this stamp is at least seven years old. I bought it well before  I retired and that was five years ago.