Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My cataract surgery is scheduled and my eyes have been measured. The first one is Oct. 13 and the second is Oct. 27th. I got to see a video at the doctors yesterday of how they do the surgery. It is amazing how they can just replace something in your eye and so quickly.  Today's card is inspired by cards I've seen on Pinterest. You make a stencil or use one to sponge inside, then stamp while you still have the stencil on. It's easy and I love the look of it. Simple but sweet. Be kind to one another.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

I just wanted to answer a few questions from yesterday's post. The golf card is not a personal picture that I used. It is an image from Graphic 45 paper. That sheet has a lot of images on it and I thought it would be a perfect one to use for my son's card since he loves to play golf. It is the image on the bottom left.  The stamp on the second card that looks like a zipper is from Hero Arts. It is from a set called Brush. It is turned sideways on the sheet and the arrows actually point to it. It's another pretty day and I hope to get some patio time in. Be kind to one another.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I made my son a birthday card that only has stamping inside. I am going to enter it in the Sunday challenge at http://thepaperplayers.blogspot.com/. I don't know if this is okay but I hope so. His birthday is early next month and I actually have finished it before I needed it.  I also made a card yesterday for http://stamplorations.blogspot.com/2014/09/bi-weekly-sketch-challenge-20.html  based on http://www.djkardkreations.com/ sketch. This is a lot for me and I'm excited that I was able to do it. Be kind to one another.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We are having Indian Summer here and it is beautiful today. We went to grandson's baseball game Sunday and sat out in a ferocious wind. The sun would go behind the clouds and it would really get cold with that wind. But today is wonderful.

This is medical and you can skip it and go down to the card portion.

 I took hubby to our regular GP on Friday for his regular checkup. Dr. said hubby is in beginning stage of Parkinson's. I wasn't surprised because I see how he is doing. He takes very small shuffling steps and is very slow walking. He is not very steady on his feet and I'm afraid he will fall. His hands have tremors and he rubs his finger and thumb together. That is called pilling. Dr. said he will send our neurologist a note and recommend Parkinson medicine for him. He thinks it will help with tremors and walking and perhaps even with his brain. We don't have an appointment with her until Nov. 12th. Otherwise everything else looks fine regarding his health. He has gained all his weight back and I'm having a hard time getting clothes to fit him. In winter he mostly wears sweatpants in the house because he is cold. I'm looking for long pants with an entire elastic waist. Don't want a button and zipper and they are hard to find. I can't find any in the stores so I'm going online.

Today's card is for my girlfriend Marilyn's sister. She was diagnosed last summer with Leukemia and was told they would watch her. The end of August she became extremely tired and went back to Dr. She has had one week of chemo and will be off three weeks. Then repeat that for five more weeks. I feel bad for Marilyn since she is in the process of moving to their new house. She will be taking her sister to chemo every day for the five weeks she goes. I'm sorry, this was medical too. I sent a card to Marilyn but forgot to take a picture of it. Be kind to one another.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Never-Before-Used-Schtuff (Stamps, Dies, EFs, etc.)

Today I have a card I want to post on http://www.djkardkreations.com/ blog for "Never Before Used Stuff". I used a We R memory keepers 6 x 6 paper pad called Harvest. It has delightful papers for fall cards in the prettiest colors. I also used a gold plastic leaf in the bottom right corner of the card but it doesn't show up very well. I found those at Michael's. I'm not sure if I've ever even used the leaf stamps before. They are Stampin Up from 1997. It's time to really get in the fall mood and I do love all the colors and images from fall on through the end of the year. Be kind to one another.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I was disappointed in our VA doctor visit. He wanted to know why we were there and what we wanted. He looked in hubby's eyes, ears and throat and listened to his heart.  He asked who was president, what day, month and year it is and that was it. They took seven vials of blood and we were there two hours to have that done. Said any compensation would be based on our income and none of his issues were service based. Okay then, we are finished. All that for nothing.
This is the make and take we made a few weeks ago at the local scrapbook store. It is very cute and very simple to make. It is a covered toilet paper roll glued with a glue gun. It did come apart at the bottom. I think I will make it with heavy cardstock and use red line tape. You could put little treats in it. It is cute as it can be and very simple to make. Be kind to one another.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Just 24 hours ago I had to wear socks and put a blanket on the bed. Ack, is it that time. Our normal temp this time of year is 79 degrees. It was 47 degrees yesterday morning. That's just not right. I have recovered from Saturday with the family. We had the best time. It was great to have our oldest grandson home from school for the weekend and to see all the kids. When they are in school we don't get to see them during the week. Lots of food, fun and talk. After lunch the kids played a game called Hedbanz. You wear a headband and draw a card and put it in your headband. You can't see your own and you ask questions of the others to be able to guess who or what you are. They laughed and laughed.

We all played it the last time they were here. Everyone couldn't believe how good Molly looked. I don't notice how she looks everyday but she has lost weight. She goes today for her weigh in. She loves her prescription dog food. After she eats, she goes and stands by the bag and nudges it because she wants more. It is so funny to see. Our son and DIL both liked their cards. I cased our son's card from http://www.stampingwithjuliegearinger.blogspot.com/ She makes the most intricate cards that are just beautiful. Our son loves fishing so I thought this was great for him. Be kind to one another.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oh my gosh have we had thunderstorms, winds and rain. Seems like every other day we are under some kind of warning. It's either storms, tornadoes, flooding or fog. Soon it will be snow.  Do you know that for several weeks already some of our stores have Christmas trees decorated and all their Christmas stuff in the stores. What? This was in August. Let's get through Labor Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving first. I must be getting old and crotchety. I just don't approve of that. I'm looking forward to Saturday when the family comes to celebrate the first three birthdays. Our oldest son, his wife and their oldest son. Hubby enjoys the family gatherings so much and loves to see the grandkids. We did get to go to youngest grandson's baseball game last Sunday. It was a perfect day. Cool with a nice breeze.

So many health issues out there now. I worry about the flu that is going around that is particularly bad for children with asthma. Our oldest granddaughter has asthma. There has only been one case that we know of so far in Indiana. She has been hospitalized twice for her asthma so that is a concern. Also going around is the concern about the flu shots now having some kind of toxin called thimerosal. It is in the single dose and is a neurotoxin with mercury. Not good for us. I also feel for all the countries affected by Ebola. Now that's a bad thing.

Today's card is for my daughter in law's birthday. I love the softness that vellum gives. I hope she likes it. Be kind to one another.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Today my grandson turns 20! The time has flown by. Isn't it funny how we remember all the details when our kids and grandkids were born. It is definitely a wonderful time. I forgot to take a picture of the card I made for him before I mailed it.  Duh!  Got hubby an appointment with VA doctor. I called yesterday and he goes next Wed. I was surprised because of the negative press the VA is getting about not seeing patients for such a long time. We are going to the clinic instead of the hospital so that is so much better.  Today's card is just a fast, easy card that can be for almost any occasion. Stamped and the flower is layers crumpled up and held with a brad. Be kind to one another.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I hope everyone had a fun Labor Day with no labor. I really don't know where the time goes. I remember being worried, before I retired, about what I would do all day. Ack, what was I thinking? The days fly by and in our family we are busier from September 1st through the end of the year. We have three birthdays in Sept., three in Oct., one in Nov. and that's along with the holidays. So it has started already. There is a party for our daughter in law Friday and the following week the family is coming for dinner to celebrate the Sept. birthdays. I will have to make that dessert again that I made when our grandson came for lunch before he went back to college. Oh my gosh, talk about sinful. Let me tell you, you eat it and go straight to the emergency room for your heart attack. Layer ice cream sandwiches in a baking dish. I made it in an 8 x 8 the first time and it took a package of 12 sandwiches. If you do it in a 9 x 12 dish you would need a package of 24. I put 6 in the bottom. Then a layer of cool whip, sprinkle that with Heath sprinkles (you can buy a package by the chocolate chips in the grocery), then drizzle with carmel sauce. You can also drizzle fudge sauce as well. Then another layer of the same. Put in freezer until set. Make this at your own risk. I took Molly for her weigh in yesterday and she has lost another two pounds so she is doing well. I wish it was that easy for us. Maybe if I didn't eat the above dessert!!
My card for today is my first for the holidays. I still have three more birthday cards to do but I love this SU wreath stamp. You could make it for any occasion. SU's new blackberry bliss is a really pretty color. It's a deep, deep plumish color. Not something I would normally use, but it looks nice with fall colors. Be kind to one another.