Sunday, March 30, 2014

Once again, Darnell of came to my rescue. She posted a card with a house button on it. It reminded me that I had that same button and it would be perfect on my latest card. Since I hadn't put it in the addressed envelope yet, I jumped right up when I read her blog and put my button on the card. I like it better now. I had colored the house beige because that's what the houses are here but it didn't show up very well. This button is probably taller than it needs to be but I like that it shows up better. Made my day!  Be kind to one another.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

I took a break from stamping. I was very discouraged that I couldn't make the cards in the online class. An online blogger set me "straight",  so to speak. She tells it like it is and I love that. Anyway, she made a good point. We did learn a lot and can use that on the cards we make ourselves. And she is so right. I will use the techniques and I'm truly happy I took the class and will continue to take classes online.

So today I made a card to welcome our new neighbors. Our friends moved in Thursday and are getting settled in. I will pop this in the mail Monday. It's a simple card but took me a long time to get it right. I think the welcome is on pretty straight. I drew a line and set the letters on that!! Can you hear the choir - Hallelujah.  Hey, whatever works. Then I had to figure out how to make a frame. It was easy. So I feel better and am back on track.

Be kind to one another and don't be so hard on yourself. That is from Darnell. She made me feel better too. 


Thursday, March 20, 2014

I'm concerned about my health. I believe I am straight challenged. I'm not talking about my lifestyle, I'm talking about my eyes. Today, when I went to the grocery store, I noticed that I was not in my parking space straight. This is not the first time. It looks right to me and when I come back to the car it is crooked in the space. Now, either someone is moving my car or it could possibly be me. I've mentioned before how hard I try to get things on my cards straight and have all kinds of tools to do that.

I had a hard time with the cards from yesterday's online card class. The first card had teeny tiny little spaces to color in and I couldn't seem to stay in those little spaces. So I stopped coloring.

I believe it was my eyes causing the problem.  It wasn't suppose to be all colored, but I think more would have been good. The second card didn't work out well either. I didn't really have a good image to work with. I did get the embossing paste on okay. But on both cards the sentiment is crooked!!  The third card was a disaster. You stamped a solid image, embossed with sticky powder, then added distress glitter and embossed with clear embossing powder. OMG. When I stamped on the glitter to put down the versamark the glitter stuck to the stamp and made a huge mess. I just threw the whole thing away.

If there's one thing I've learned from this class it's I need a sink in my craft room! I don't think I'm a good follower. It's better if I think up a card. The class is wonderful and the gals teaching the techniques are great stampers. I love them and their work. I have learned so much from them. I just can't follow directions.

Back to my health. I think I have a disease called straight challenged. When I finish here I am going online or calling Dr. Oz to see what can be done and how bad this is. Is it life threatening, is it treatable, is there medicine or surgery involved? I need to find out. Why can't I get things right. Is this catching and am I contagious. Should I be quarantined. Oh my. Is this where that expression "Let's get something straight" comes from, from this disease? Maybe I'll be famous and written up in the annals of medicine. I'll keep on it and let you know. If you don't hear from me you will know I have been hospitalized. I'm going to go ahead and show you the 2 cards I made. I'm always surprised how much better they look on the blog! Be kind to one another.

Monday, March 17, 2014

I got busy after lunch and worked on the second card for today but I cheated. You were supposed to draw and then water color the image. If I drew the image you would not know what it was. I felt it was better just to stamp something and then water color. This is my take on it. Very clean and simple and easy and I love it.  Be kind to one another. I will link this to

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all. I hope it's a warm sunshiny day where you are for your St. Paddy's parade. Not so much here but I'm starting to become hopeful that spring is just around the corner. I'm happy Dancing with the Stars is starting tonight. Since I watch tv alone I watch all the reality shows since I don't like the shoot em' up shows. I'd rather have fun shows. The bachelor wasn't a fun show and I was disappointed in it this year. My favorite is The Amazing Race. They take me to countries I wouldn't normally get to see and the contestants do a lot of things in the country's natural way of doing things. The scenery is always spectacular and there's drama and excitement. I spent some of Sunday getting the tax information together. I hate to do that more than anything else and it only took an hour. I know what we need and I save it all year long in a drawer. When all the paper work starts coming in in January, I just stick it in the drawer too. So it's not a big deal and I can't say why I hate it so much. I always wait till the last minute. This year my CPA called me to make sure I was getting ready! I go Friday and then I will know if I can afford to buy stamps and ink anymore! 

Today's online class is great. I love using vellum and this was so easy and I love the look of the ink on the vellum looking through a punched element. I'm sharing it on page. Be kind to one another.


Friday, March 14, 2014

I know you won't believe this, but I had to take my computer back to Staples last night!!!! It was working fine but late yesterday afternoon a window popped up and said my security software had run out and I was not protected. Click here and renew for 60 days. WHAT? When Ben configured my computer he loaded Norton. I have the folder he left with the product number and all. I called Staples (whose number I also know by heart as well as Comcast) and explained the issue. They said that Norton has to be loaded in the store so my computer only had the 30 day trial on it. So back over I went. The only saving grace about all this is that I got a laptop and not a desktop. I told them that was my last trip.

I only did one of three of today's cards in class. I've done the plaid one in the other class and I'm taking this to learn new things so I didn't do that one again. I only had time to do one, so this is the one for today. It did not traumatize me and I like it. Be kind to one another. I will be posting this in the gallery on page.  Also just wanted to tell you I am reading an amazing book on anti-gravity. I just can't put it down. Sorry!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Here is my card that I don't like in the yellow. The other card is one of my attempts. I got the embossing powder all over the card and didn't get enough where it's suppose to be. I did that card 3 times and I'm done with that technique.  I couldn't get the yellow card to go right side up. When one thing goes wrong, it all seems to go wrong. Have a great day.


Just a quick post today to share my second card from day 2 of class. I had a really hard time with this one. I don't have a perspective on depth and only had this stamp set that I thought would work. I'm posting it anyhow because I am learning and trying to do each thing they teach. I did the other card four times and never did get it close to right. I'll show it to you but don't think I will post it in the gallery. I used yellow and rusty hinge to ink with  and it didn't show up very well. Then the sentiment was crooked. I have used the grid lines, a stamp-a-ma-jig, a t square ruler, and a regular ruler and I cannot get things straight. I can't write in a straight line either. My writing goes up every time at the end.  Be kind to one another.

Oh, I didn't take a picture of the other card. Maybe later.  I am going to share this one in the gallery on


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Busy in online class today. Here is the card we made today. It was easy and I'm liking it. Normally I think CAS looks so bare but with this background it makes it not so stark.   The other card is from Graphic 45 paper and is just that. I liked the paper though and wanted to use it.  Be kind to one another. I'm sharing this on today.


Thank you for the nice comments on my class cards yesterday.

Before I go to class today, I want to share the two cards I made with my first DeNami stamp. I colored both of them the same with copic markers and a twinklette sparkle marker on the head band on the hat. I doubt you can tell it sparkles.  I love these little chickie stamps. If you've never seen them, some day when you have time go to the and look at how cute they are. I'm not affiliated with them, just think they are so darn cute. Anyhow, here are my cards for today.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I forgot I had a hard time posting two cards at once so I'm putting this card up again. I'm sorry.

I worked on my cards for the Online card class yesterday. The first one with the balloon came out great and I was so pleased with it. The balloon is strips of colored cardstock glued on white paper then die cut. Then you die cut the card front and inset the balloon. Then just cut a strip of the colored paper and use as a strip along the side. The colored paper was wider than the die, so that is why there is red in the strip and not the balloon! The second card went well too, until the last step. OMG, did I blow it. When I cut out the hello the whole thing fell apart. I had strips of paper behind the two speech bubbles but not high enough. So it is glued here and there and messy. Then the white was showing through the h and ll's. I kept looking at it last night and this morning I added a blue in the h and yellow in the ll's and o.  Now it's a little better but still gluey. I did learn a lot though. Today is another day. Be kind to one another.

I am sharing these on today.

Monday, March 10, 2014

My SIL and I got to make a little trip Friday to Nashville, IN. Two of the three brick and mortar stamp stores left are there and right across the way from each other. Papertrix is one of the stores and the only place I have ever seen DeNami stamps carried. Then across the alley to Wishful Thinking and I picked up some paper and distress embossing powder. Also got a new stencil from each store. We had lunch at a new tearoom and came home. I wasn't gone very long and it was such a beautiful day. That's two days out in a week and what a good thing that was. I generally don't go to often but I find I am so much calmer when I get out. Not just to the grocery, bank or hair cut but to do something I love. Hubby was fine. Maybe it's me that feels so guilty.  He can still be left alone for a while. I feel bad because he can't work the DVD player. I put in a disc and he just watches it over and over all day if I'm not here. He says he doesn't mind, but I feel like I should be here to change it for him.

I'm sharing a picture of my new products from Nashville. Be kind to one another.


Saturday, March 8, 2014

I can't believe this, but I just got my computer back from the shop!!! I called Staples, where I bought it, to ask some more questions. It just so happened that Ben answered the phone and after we talked, he said bring it in. He couldn't even get it to connect to the internet while I was there. He called the manager over and said he wanted to save my information on a disc and completely overhaul it at no cost to me. Apparently they only do that after 15 days.  He knew I have called Comcast and them over and over again because of so many problems. I picked it up last night. It felt like my right arm was missing from Thursday morning to Friday night! I did finish a book I was reading and watched two programs I'd DVR'ed. So I found that one can live without a computer. I just don't want to. Turns out some program in its innards was not right. It was an internal thing and not something I had done to it. This morning as I was trying to catch up on some blogs Internet Explorer could not display the page on several blogs. I think that must be an Internet Explorer problem because if I go back later it comes up. It does that when I try to comment too.

We are going to basketball game for grandson today. Only three games left in the season and that's if they win today. It is suppose to rain a bit and that should get rid of the remaining snow. It was in the 50's yesterday and the sun was out. So gorgeous.

Todays card is just a quick little card. I am trying to just make some cards to have here. This would be a great "friend" card. I have signed up to take the CAS online card class that starts Monday. Hopefully I can adjust to that kind of card. I'm used to layering so these cards will seem "naked" to me but the ones I see other people make are so pretty. It's nice to get out of your comfort zone and I'm trying to branch out.  Have a wonderful weekend and be kind to one another.


Monday, March 3, 2014

This was all typed up and it disappeared. We lucked out and only got ice first, then a couple of inches of snow. Not to bad and certainly not 6-10 inches. It's still very cold but suppose to warm up soon.

My SIL and I got to attend the Heirloom Rubber Stamp Show on Saturday. There were only 21 vendor booths but we saw quite a few new companies that have not been here before so that was nice. We saw some new techniques demonstrated and did a few make and takes. We ran into several of the gals that had worked at Archiver's and my friend who is opening her new store March 22nd. We also saw a gal we had taken a class from several years ago. She is going to teach at the new store too.

Ever since our neighbor down the street died, that was hubby's friend, his house has been on the market. We went out to eat Saturday night (since I was at Heirloom and didn't feel like cooking) and a couple came in that were our neighbors where we lived for 25 years previously. They were telling us they just sold their house and were moving. When I asked where they were going, she mentioned our addition. Oh my gosh, they are buying the house down the street! Isn't that a hoot! We were all so excited. What are the chances of that happening. There is only one house between us so that is very cool. They should be here by the end of this month.

I may have caused some confusion when I posted my birthday card the other day. My birthday is in October (please feel free to send gifts and money). It took me a while to post that card and I am posting my other one today. I am very sensitive about offending anyone and that is not my intention . My family has a weird sense of humor so we send so weird cards. The one the other day and this one today made me laugh out loud and I hope it does you too. The front of this one made me laugh. The inside just says happy birthday.  Be kind to one another.