Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I'm just popping in real quick this morning. It will be a busy time until next Wed. for me. I have an appointment today at 10:30 then I go pick up my granddaughter. Her car drowned last week in those storms we had. It was parked in a repair shop to be fixed and the river close to the repair shop ran its banks in all that heavy rain and flooded. Her car was covered up to the luggage rack! So I am picking her up and we will spend the day tomorrow together. Then we go get my youngest granddaughter and they will both be here until Friday night. Then I get my grandson and he will stay for a while. The youngest ones school starts July 5 so this is their last harrah before school.

I would like to welcome my newest follower, Bonnie, of, I want to follow her blog too as she makes some gorgeous cards. BUT, I can't figure out how to get my picture on blogs I follow so I will wait until I figure that out. I may not get too much computer time for a week or so. I also signed up to take the Background Online Class and have no time to play along with the videos. Seems like everytime I sign up for a class something else comes along and I can't do the homework. I will get to it. I did try the smooshing again and it was awful. No more smooshing for me.

I drug out a card I made a long, long time ago. Used some Robins Nest dew drops (I think that's what they are called) on the card. I still have six full bottles of them in all colors. If anyone needs some I'll be glad to share. The paper is gold foiled and so pretty. Be kind to one another.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

You know what I think I like best about stamping. Okay, I'm glad you want to know. It is because age makes no difference with stampers. We all come together no matter what age we are. From young to old we can all relate and talk the same language. I think that is the best thing ever. I had lunch today with my SU demo because she hasn't had a class for a long time and we all miss getting together. That's when I realized how much younger she is than me but we have bonded in the classes and know each other and the others through talking while we stamp. It is the same with blogging. We know each other because we share things other than stamping but that's what brings us together. Isn't that the greatest thing! I'm sure it's the same with blogs of readers, cooks, sewing and quilting, etc. But the point being I truly love it. Today's card is for absolutely no reason and that's not like me. I used only dies and distress ink and was just playing. Be kind to one another.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I got my car repaired and it looks like brand new. They not only fixed the bumper but totally cleaned the inside and washed the car. It even smells new!

I got this gorgeous, fun card in the mail yesterday from my new friend, Sharyn of It is so adorable in person. Bright mushroom and the flower has glittery petals. The snail is what is so darn cute.  His little smiley face makes me smile.

Going to try and catch up on some house chores today. Since the ladies clean the house when they come I need to get busy wth the things they don't do. See you soon, be kind to one another.

From this
To this

And this happy card from Sharyn

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Wow, have we had the storms roll through again. We had standing water in our sun porch. It soaked right through the concrete! Lots of close thunder and lightning. I'm showing you some pictures I took last night. The clouds went from the sky all the way to the ground in thickness, two side by side. They are dark so I don't know if you can see the clouds or not but they were scary.

My card today is for hubbys cousin. She fell carrying laundry down the stairs and broke her elbow. It will require having surgery several times and physical therapy. This will be a long painful process for her. I knew housework was hazardous to our health. I sponged some more Inka Gold on a Sizzix brick embossing folder. Added some flowers I had in my stash and some sequins. E/F and flowers are NBUS. I'm trying not to buy new things until I used all my other supplies. Hah. Of course, that won't happen because I would never in this lifetime be able to buy anything else. That would lead to depression so I will continue to try my best to keep stamp companies in business. Be kind to one another.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I couldn't wait to get my work done this morning to tell you about yesterday. I had the most delightful day because I got to meet Sharyn Polesel, a fellow card maker and blogger that lives somewhat close to me. We met at Cheddars for lunch and she is lovely. She is so very nice and we had a great time talking and getting acquainted. I hope you have a chance to drop by her blog and check out her beautiful cards. She is a whiz with pattern paper and is on some design teams. I always say card makers are the greatest people and she sure proved it for sure! I forgot to have someone take our picture until we were in the parking lot but hopefully next time.

Todays card was made with Viva Inka Gold. I used a light green and light blue and sponged it on the background that was embossed with a cuttlebug folder. The blue came out looking light gray so I mounted it on gray cardstock. My husband's cousin lost her son to a heart attack very unexpectly and this card is for her. The shine on this card really doesn't come through in the pictures. I tried several shots to show it but just know it is so soft and has such shine to it. Be kind to one another.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thanks so much for all of your uplifting posts. I always have a great time with my girlfriends but what I was trying to say is that I miss the men for hubby. We just don't have people over anymore. Now that I see how happy he is with the home helpers I wonder if maybe he should be in a place where there are other men and people to talk to. When he tells you a story that is in his mind he knows exactly what he is saying. It's when someone asks him a question or tries to talk about something that he is lost and can't follow. Our ladies are okay with that and say it's okay. I found out yesterday that he says Walker, Texas Ranger lives across the street from us and plays outside with his kids! Also, that he doesn't get to see Bobby Knight anymore! Bobby Knight was the basketball coach at Indiana University. We never met him but he was DH's hero.

I can't tell you how much rain we've had here. The flooding on the west side of town looked just like those in Texas had. Waist high water and cars submerged and belongings lost. So very sad and heartbreaking for them.  Our high temp. yesterday was 66. The days are  cool and wet.

This is my first attempt at coloring a cover plate. This one is from PTI and is so delicate. I sponged on distress ink and also on the background. The sentiment is a little off balance but that's okay. Then when it was all done I realized  there was glue on the bottom so I took my trusty little ink eraser and lightly rubbed it along the bottom. OH, the color came off and it roughed up the paper! Normally you would put on sequins or something but not along the bottom! I'll do it over because I like how it came out. I watched a video that Laura of did and hers was gorgeous. I think if I used watercolor and a brush it would have been easier to cover all the little places. Be kind to one another.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July to all of you! I hope your cookouts and BBQ's are wonderful and filled with fun, family and friends. I have a tip for you if I'm not too late. When you boil eggs for deviled eggs or potato salad or whatever if you put a pinch of baking soda in the water the peels will almost drop off. Just cool the eggs and crack the shells and roll around in your hands. They should peel so easy. Even if you forget (like I have in the past) just drop it in in the last few minutes. It helps even then.

These holidays are patricularily hard for me. The whole time our kids were growing up we had a group of 4 to 5 couples that we always got together with. Our kids grew up together and we had cookouts or went to the lake, played volleyball (I'm past that) went swimming since we all had pools and just had so much fun. My girlfriends are  hanging in there with me but the guys just can't handle this disease. Since DH can't really carry on a conversation we don't get together as couples anymore and I miss that so much. This is a terribly lonely disease. So no more holiday get togethers. We do get together with our sons and families but they need to make their own memories with their friends like we did. Well, so much for my pity party, I'm done!

I wasn't going to make any 4th cards since I only have a few stamps. Then I saw Greta's card and decided to make some for our sons and families. I got carried away on the second card with the sequins. After I put three on I felt like I should cover all the fireworks so there you go! Be kind to one another and be safe this weekend.