Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thanks so much for all of your uplifting posts. I always have a great time with my girlfriends but what I was trying to say is that I miss the men for hubby. We just don't have people over anymore. Now that I see how happy he is with the home helpers I wonder if maybe he should be in a place where there are other men and people to talk to. When he tells you a story that is in his mind he knows exactly what he is saying. It's when someone asks him a question or tries to talk about something that he is lost and can't follow. Our ladies are okay with that and say it's okay. I found out yesterday that he says Walker, Texas Ranger lives across the street from us and plays outside with his kids! Also, that he doesn't get to see Bobby Knight anymore! Bobby Knight was the basketball coach at Indiana University. We never met him but he was DH's hero.

I can't tell you how much rain we've had here. The flooding on the west side of town looked just like those in Texas had. Waist high water and cars submerged and belongings lost. So very sad and heartbreaking for them.  Our high temp. yesterday was 66. The days are  cool and wet.

This is my first attempt at coloring a cover plate. This one is from PTI and is so delicate. I sponged on distress ink and also on the background. The sentiment is a little off balance but that's okay. Then when it was all done I realized  there was glue on the bottom so I took my trusty little ink eraser and lightly rubbed it along the bottom. OH, the color came off and it roughed up the paper! Normally you would put on sequins or something but not along the bottom! I'll do it over because I like how it came out. I watched a video that Laura of did and hers was gorgeous. I think if I used watercolor and a brush it would have been easier to cover all the little places. Be kind to one another.


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, your card is stunning, Brenda!! The colors are amazing!! What a beautiful card!! We've had the rain and cool temps too. It's hard to believe it's July. No humidity, 70's temps. BK was my hero, too!! I did get to meet him a couple of times when I was in was a dark day when he was fired :( I hope you have a wonderful evening!!

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Greta said...

Glad you tried the technique--so beautiful! Aren't you glad you got that mini kit?! I've been hoping the flooding wasn't at your house--the pictures looked awful! So hard to believe we're the ones hot & dry this year. Finally cooled down tonight & I needed a jacket to walk Fritz before dark--can't remember the last time I put one on!

Sue - said...

That is such a pretty card Brenda! Glad you didn't have any flooding!

MaryH said...

Brenda, it's lovely! I saw the link at Darnell's blog, and enjoyed the video. You're one up on me, cause I"ve not tried this technique yet. Looks to me as though you did a fantastic job, and it's very light & summery. Your sentiment looks just fine to me...It's a card you can be very proud to send! Hope the flooding doesn't get to you, and I'm so glad that DH is enjoying having someone new to share his stories with. I realize people don't know what to say, but if anyone has someone that THEY love, going through this, it makes it more understandable to be kind & patient. You stay strong, and I'm SO happy that you have someone coming in for BOTH of you! Big hugs, wish I could a little of our heat with you. (not all of it though. You wouldn't like it!). TFS

Liz said...

This is just beautiful, Brenda. I saw this video too, but haven't had a chance to try it out get. It sure is a lovely technique.

So pleased to hear that your hubby is getting on so well with the home helpers. This must make you feel so much better too. Hope the weather improves in your part of the world.. xx