Sunday, April 10, 2016

Yesterday we had some light snow and today is predicted to have a few flurries too. Ick. Our April showers seem to be snow showers instead!  I spent part of yesterday trying to get the john fixed. My nephew came by and we got the water out of the tank. There is a lot of sand and grit in the tank and it gets under the rubber ring and causes the water to leak out and get low. Then the toilet flushes itself to get the water level back up. It does it during the night many times. I don't know where that sand has come from. He thinks maybe the water company was working on a line and it got in and is leeching into the water supply. I need to check with the neighbors and see if they are having trouble, then call the water company.  So I'll get that taken care of.

Mary of has blog candy and this is what she is giving away. Isn't it a fantastic package? I love that Penny Black stamp in the picture.

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Lisa said...

Oh my, your toilet flushes by itself??!! I hope you get it fixed soon!! I'm not happy with the April showers being snow...I'm ready for spring!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

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Greta said...

If it isn't one thing it's another--haha! Hoping the water company can solve things for you, Brenda! That's an incredible blog candy--hope you win!

MaryH said...

Good luck with the john. We had 2 huge waterbills, and first time, DH thought perhaps a slow toilet leak. Got that fixed, still had a way-too-high one the next month. Nothing we could find, and finally think it was when the water guy read the meter improperly. (they use handheld devices). Had a plumber check and nothing running, no leaks. This month at least it was normal...probably due to all my nagging phone calls to the water dept. We weren't doing anything different, and had actually been away from home for about 10 days during the period. TFS the giveaway, and hope you get the problem solved - and not too expensively. I should have trained to be a plumber!(except I wouldn't like some of what they have to put up with!!! LOL). Have a great week ...Hugs

Brenda said...

OMGosh Brenda, I had the same problem with my john!!!! I thought it was my septic, so had it pumped, but my john was still flushing itself. So Josh looked at it and got a new seal, well that one didn't work, so we ordered the original one online and that one worked!! I don't have sand though, the seal just wore out. We are well water and have a septic tank, which is over 60+ years old. I just pray it keeps working good for me! Hugs, Brenda