Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sung to the tune of "Let it Go" is "I can see, I can see". Well, pretty much.  I noticed this morning that I could not read the fine print of what is excluded on my Kohl's coupon. I am supposed to have 20/20 vision but I don't think that is the case. I can read but it is strange learning to read out of the bottom of the bifocals after using magnifying  glasses for a month.  Thanks for all of your well
wishes for my eyes.

My cards are all mailed and some gifts are purchased. I am going to run out today and see if I can finish up. I already have an exchange! I bought my son (who has been wearing the same size pants since he was living at home many years ago) a 32/34 instead of 34/32. Duh. I've ordered only two gifts online this year and they were things I could not get in the stores. Got the email today that they have both shipped.

I made a Christmas card last night for my grandson with Lawn Fawn stamps but the block must have had red ink on it and it made three little red lines on the card when I was stamping the hearts. I don't know if you can see the red stickles on his scarf but it is pretty irl.  One last swallow of coffee and I am on my way to shop. Be kind to one another.


Lisa said...

This is so adorable!! The owl is so cute!! I love the sentiment!! I did almost all of my shopping online...I hate dealing with the shopping crowds!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Mrs A. said...

I can see the stickles . They are showing up loud and clear. He looks very festive. Hope you managed to exchange the trousers. Hugs Mrs A.

JD/ Jill said...

This is so cute! I like the sentiment!I
I stopped by again, to see how you were doing with your eyes!

I finally was able to order my glasses on Friday...I am so happy that I'm almost into the home stretch now. drops are almost finished, and the eye doctor said that my eyes have healed very well. Cataract surgery is amazing.

Greta said...

Oh what a sweet card for your grandson, Brenda! The stickles shows up great in your picture--how'd you do that?! Sorry your vision isn't what you expected. Happy Holidays!

MaryH said...

Love those stickles that sparkle on his scarf. Nobody will be looking at the 'boo-boo' lines, because the doggoned owl in his pretty scarf is so cute. Your grand will be tickled to have his personalized card from Granma. TFS Hugs

Brenda said...

I am so glad you are seeing better now Brenda, even if you can't see the fine print. I can't see the fine prints at times either. lol Love this card my friend! It's a fabulous CAS card, the stickles show up great. I love the sentiment and of course you owl is just adorable! I did 95% of my shopping online. I hate shopping and I don't like the crowds anymore. So I just shop on line and when I do need to go to the store, I do it either early in the morning or mid morning before it gets to crazy out there. Hugs, Brenda