Sunday, December 14, 2014

I am completely losing it. Today, under 3 rolls of wrapping paper, I found a whole stack of Christmas cards I have not mailed. I made another card for granddaughter this time and messed it up too. Don't push hard on poly clear stamps, they will smoosh. Got the tree up and can't find the topper or skirt. Went to grocery and came home without what I went for. This is not a good sign. On top of buying my son the wrong size pants last week, I am wondering if my mind is tired of thinking.  I looked forever for the remote to the tv and it was next to the keyboard of the computer (where it usually is). Be kind to one another. We may all be taking care of each other in the future!

This is my 2nd messed up card. The word tweetings is all squished.

Edited to add: I forgot to tell you when I went to the grocery I bought frozen lunch sandwiches and several frozen things. I set the bags on the counter when I came home. Then I went in the other room and started something else. The food sat out for at least 20 minutes before I saw it and put it away! Who does that?


Greta said...

Trust me, you're not the only one! Fouling up sentiments is so frustrating--especially if it's the last thing, so sometimes I end up covering it with the sentiment stamped on a separate piece of paper. I'm blaming my loosing things on my need to get everything put in it's place--hopefully it's not my brain--LOL!

Mrs A. said...

Brenda we are all in the same boat without a paddle. I think we are trying to hard with too many things all at once. Take a deep breath . Tomorrow is another day.
Hugs Mrs A.

Lisa said...

The card is still gorgeous!! Crafting isn't perfect!! And this time of year, I think everyone loses it a much to do and the time just flies by!! Have a great evening :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Anonymous said...

Oh Brenda....."be kind to yourself" sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Just a few more weeks and we'll wonder what all the frantic hustle bustle was about. Just went to a stampin up camp and made some really neat cards...and wouldn't you know it...I had some ink on my finger and smudged the inside of the card...dar-nuts!!!!

Brenda said...

Oh Brenda, it must be our name!! lol We both are experiencing similar things happening this season. We both have been under much to much stress and I guess we need to let go of it. I hate to hear that I'm not alone, because I know how I am feeling and don't wish it on anyone. I too have pushed to hard for the clear stamps distorting my image-again I think it is the stress in our. I too have left frozen stuff sit on the counter forgetting to put it away so you are not alone in that one either. Maybe we should change our name. lol Hang in there and I will too and we won't worry about what didn't get done and be glad of what did. We will enjoy our families and relax!! Sending big hugs to you my friend, Brenda

Liz said...

Brenda and Brenda ....... I don't think it's the name, because that's the sort of things I do too! Or perhaps I need to change my name to Brenda! Love the card with those cute little birds, and your card isn't messed up at all. I love it!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Mm, Brenda, I think all of the above comments just prove one thing!!!

... as humans we are far from perfect and yes do leave things out of fridge and come back and shock horror not back in fridge or freezer..
love your card just great .. and cute plus am sure the receiver will not worry one bit we are our own worse critics and see what others barely notice.
Every blessing for Christmas, Shaz in Oz.x

MaryH said...

Well I happen to think this is a terrific card. Love that image, love the way you've done the bottom treatment, and I think the squooshed makes it look 'personalized'. Your granddaughter will love it, just cause it came from Granma. I'm laughing at your tales of woe (sorry, but it sounds just like what I do!) I spend hours looking for stuff in my stamp area. One reason it takes me so long to make a card. We both do the same thing with the tv remote. I try to always put mine back in the exact space it is supposed to be in, but the other Person will leave his on the sofa, where it falls in the cushions. We lose keys, mis-lay glasses, you name it. I think it's because our minds just have too much info to process ....I have to write notes. I've done the same thing with the frozen things too. Some had to be thrown out! Hang in there, and don't stress. We all do this! Hugs & FS

Ellibelle said...

I love the card! The birds are so cute! Leaving out frozen food sadly happens to me occasionally too!