Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I've been checking out places that it would be possible to move to. I did find several that I really like. They are free standing homes and most have 3 bedrooms and are on some kind of water. I also toured a "forever home". You buy a home, cottage or apartment there and then are able to move to assisted living. If the need arises you can also have skilled care. It is a beautiful place with every amenity and bus service to grocery, bank, doctor and library. Nothing was mentioned about stamp stores however, so I'm not sure it would be a good fit for us!! It really is a beautiful facility and huge. We aren't quite ready for that but it would probably be the place to go rather than another house.

I am so sad this morning. Joan Lunden just announced she has breast cancer. I have always loved her on Good Morning America. She says it has been caught early but it is the aggressive kind so she has already started chemo. I wish her to beat this as so many women have and she is very positive. I think that's half the battle.

I'm not very fast, but I finally got cards made for my sons and brother in law for coming over and helping out with home chores. This is an Art Impressions stamp that I thought was perfect for the card. The little screws are from a set I picked up at Archiver's before it closed. Be kind to one another and be sure to do your breast check every month and get your mammogram every year.


Mrs A. said...

Downsizing is never an easy adjustment to make or finding when is the right time. At least you have looked at your options and know what is going to be the best solution in the future.
I like the pink flower card below but have no idea what magic mesh is.
Hugs Mrs A.

Brenda said...

I'm glad that you are seeing some places that you like Brenda and some with "needs" should they arrive.I saw that you guys had a tornado today, I hope you were in an area where it wasn't!!! I think they said no one was hurt so that is a good thing, "things" can be replaced, lives can't. Yes, I saw about Joan Lunden too, it is a sad thing, but I think she is very curable which is a good thing and she does have an excellent out look-which is always a good thing!! Now I am so loving your card!! It is perfect for the guys that came over to help with chores. Love the image and that sentiment. Hugs, Brenda

Darnell J Knauss said...

I LOVE your little tool-belt bandit, Brenda!! The guys are going to love it, too!!

I haven't seen the news about Joan and I am sorry to hear it. I think it is such a good thing when celebrities are honest and talk about these things. It really does help "normal" people get motivated to do their exams and have their boobs squished. It's so important; thank you for spreading the word about that!!

Good luck with your future home plans. It's so smart that you are looking into it now. We will be starting that process in a couple of years and I'm loving what I'm reading about these new environments that transition you right on out w/o any further moves involved. It sure simplifies things, but I lot of people just don't want to think about certain eventualities.

I just noticed Brenda's comment and I also haven't seen the news about a tornado near you. Eek! I do hope you are all right!! Hugs, Darnell

Lisa Petrella said...

What a perfect card for your sons and brother in law!!! Love it! Good luck with your search for a place to move to.

Greta said...

Adorable card & I love the screw embellishment! Need to get mine out--thanks for the inspiration, Brenda!