Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm finishing up the Easter cards for grandkids. The family will be here Sunday and I want to be ready. I have Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas eve and our sons birthdays. The kids have mother's day, fathers day, our birthdays and their kids birthdays. I love it and will do it as long as I can. I love that they come to mom and dad's and that's our tradition. When the grandkids were younger I made clues for them to find their eggs. Now that they're older they still want to do that! So I've got to get busy this week and make up some.

I'm anxious to see what the card will look like that I post today. Everytime I take a picture it is upside down or sideways. I have to take it over and over. When I download I turn it, but when I look at the pictures they look right in the computer but post sideways. I don't know why they have suddenly started doing that.

This is a card I learned from France Martin. She had a video on it and I thought it was a cute card for my granddaughter. Be kind to one another.

Whoo Hoo, right side up!
I will try to enter this in the challenge.


Emily Keaton said...

What an adorable egg card, Brenda, with a sweet surprise inside!! I love those colors for Easter. And your family traditions sound like a lovely arrangement--I hope everyone has a fantastic time!

By the way, I'm so sorry I haven't been able to stop by your blog recently. I was tied up with houseguests last week (and tied up with getting ready for them the week before!). I'm just now starting to get caught up on, well, everything! You've been so sweet with your visits. Thank you!!

Darnell J Knauss said...

This is so adorable! Thank you for sharing the how-to link! I'll file it and try to remember next year! I hope the photo / camera weirdness sorts itself out quickly. Hugs, Darnell

MaryH said...

Brenda, this is an A+ cutie of a card. I love the hinge part that allows this cute little chick to pop out. You are getting so adventurous & talented in your cardmaking skills. I'm impressed to bits - so enjoying my visit here today. Darnell mentions the link, but I'm not seeing a link. I'll try google-ing the France Martin and see if I turn up anything. Good luck on your family festivities, and I hope you have some help with all the prep & cleanup. Happy Easter & many hugs. TFS

Brenda said...

Geez Brenda, I don't know how I miss this card! It is adorable!!! I love how it opens and I love the paper you used. That chick it too cute and love the Easter greeting. Sorry I missed this one! See my eyes are even failing me. lol Hugs