Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I want to wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas today. I treasure each of my followers, all the comments made or emails received and truly thank all the bloggers who helped me get this blog started and taught me so much. Stampers are the greatest at sharing their work and their techniques and helping anyone. Starting my blog is the best thing I've done for myself in a long time and I'm grateful for all of you who stop by. You never know when something you say will help someone through a tough time. My thanks and love to each and every one of you.  On a quick side note - my phone is working. On a sad note, the husband of one of my best friends passed away Monday. He had Lou Gehrigs disease. I hate dementia, but ALS is a terrible thing. My heart goes out to anyone who is going through any sickness or disease.

May you all be blessed with love and health. Be kind to one another.


  1. Brenda, I am so sad to hear of the loss of another one of your dear friends. the Good Lord wanted to end his suffering and bring him home. I pray you and your family have a most blessed day together. And I sure hope 2014 will be a year filled with joy, peace and much love! (and a computer and phone that works!) God bless...

  2. Brenda, Merry Christmas. Your blog following is growing, & isn't it heartwarming to gain new friends, while enjoying a craft that you love? Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful cards in the New Year. Take care, stay warm, and enjoy the day. Hugs

  3. So sorry to hear of your friends loss just before Christmas. On a lighter note I am pleased o have met you through blogging. Here's to a crafty New year. Hugs Mrs A.