Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm posting a card today for my daughter in laws birthday this month. I case'd it from I changed the color of cardstock and the embossing folder and added ribbon. I think that's what you're suppose to say. I thought when I typed her name it would turn blue and be a link, but that didn't happen.  I've had comments!! I'm so excited. Darnell noticed that I don't have a follow button. I would like to but I don't know where it is or how to get it. That is Darnell of Again, no blue but that's her. Thanks Darnell. I don't think she is blue, just the link! Course we all have "blue" days so anything is possible.  See you later and like Ellen says, "be kind to one another".


Darnell J Knauss said...

This is really a beautiful card, Brenda! I am putting it in MY "cards to CASE folder" so one day I'll CASE you! Cool, huh?

Here is how you make the links "blue," if someone else hasn't told you. It's a few steps, but it is the nice thing to do so people can just click on the "blue" to go straight to the other blog.

When you are writing your post and you get to the place where you want to insert, say, my blog, stop at the point of insertion and go to the very top of your screen and click on "new tab." Don't worry, you won't lose your draft! Then Google "djkardkreations" or just type that in the URL line or however you want to open my blog in a new tab. Go the URL address up at the top left where it says "http ... etc." and highlight my entire blog address, right click on your mouse and select "copy."

Now click back over to your own blog where your cursor should still be sitting where you want to put the link. Go up to the tool bar at the top of your compose screen and next to the little photo icon (that you click on to insert a photo) you will see the word "link" to the left. Click on that and you will see two long boxes. The cursor will be in the lower box, just move it up to the top box and in that box type the word(s) that you want to appear in "blue" on your post. Say, for me, you could just type "Darnell" or you could type "djkardkreations" then click back in the lower box, right click your mouse, and select "paste." My URL address will appear! Click on OK, the box will disappear, and walla, there it will be in your post, in blue and linkable to all your readers!!

That was a lot of words and it might sound complicated, but take each step at a time and before long you will be clicking in and out and around linking like a mad woman! If it doesn't work, let me know. You can always email me with any questions you have: darnell dot knauss at gmail dot com. (Spelled out that way so robot hackers searching on random email addresses can't see it and spam me.)

All the best! Darnell

Jessica said...

Beautiful card Brenda!! I love the embossing folder you used and those flowers. Did you stamp on vellum? Lovely!

MaryH said...

Oh I see Miss Darnell has 'splained how to do the links. Good job, Darnell, and Brenda, I hope you get it done ok. See - so much generosity among these card makers, and they have all this blog experience to help us with too. Never be afraid to ask. Someone will know, and be nice enough to offer help. This is a lovely card, and I like all the details you have on it. I can see I will be CAS-ing you too! I like simple designs, but this one has so much lovely soft color and is very elegant. TFS

JD/ Jill said...

Very pretty card!
Brenda, I have been blogging for four years...and you wouldn't believe what a "newbie" I was in the beginning. didn't know how to do anything, and was afraid to try anything with my blog...

I was afraid that I would delete the whole thing if I made a mistake...
so much so, that I actually created a second blog, I used my same my orginal one,,,but put the word test in front of it...(the second blog)
It shows up in the page where I compose my posts...I always try to make sure I am in the right blog....that's

and when I want to try something new...(like put a new background in
or add a widget...(like a followers button, etc) I usually try it in my test blog first...I made that blog a private one that only I can see it.

Just a thought for you...