Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's not easy being able to CASE. I was trying to make Jennifer McGuires Dec. 31st card Faux Laser Cut. I ordered Bella Bouquet from Memory Box (that was my downfall the first of the year) to make this card. It seemed to go so well at first. Cut the scalloped circle on the red card, cut the Bella several times, glued the back of the circle and added the die. Then added extra pieces to fill in. Then put the card front over the foam and marked it, then cut the scallop out of foam. Something went wrong. The little points on the scallops didn't match the card front. I cut them all off. Still showed. Cut the circle bigger. Put card together. All the extra pieces that were patched in looked like they were patched in. Started over and just used one die cut and a plain circle. Cut the card front and foam at the same time so there wouldn't be a problem. Glued die on circle. Got it too high. The foam didn't match up with the front. I don't know why. I must have turned it over when I glued it on. Cut die for happy birthday. Got glue all over the front of the happy birthday. Don't like either card. Starting over today. It is for my sister in laws birthday. Her birthday is Saturday. We are having lunch tomorrow. Got to get it right. If anyone has a hint on cutting dies I would be thrilled. The red one HB came out perfect the first time. The blue one was a beast. I used a piece of copy paper for a shim, then added a piece of cardstock. It just would not cut all the way through. The Bella die cut perfectly every time. Both birthday dies are too big for this card. Maybe I should get a new hobby!! I'll be back soon with my next try. Be kind to one another.


Lisa said...

These are both absolutely gorgeous dies you used!! I have a metal shim for my Cuttlebug that I use for intricate dies. I usually run the plates back and fourth a few times if it doesn't cut all the way through. Also, wax paper between the die and the cardstock helps, especially getting the paper out of the die. Have a great day :)

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Greta said...

I haven't watched her video, so can't be of help, but these look beautiful from what I can see, Brenda! I do find some dies cut better than others & sometimes I add another shim & try to turn the die a bit & run it through again if there's room. I have the metal shim, but it always seem to make the sandwich too tight & I'm afraid I'll break my machine. Guess I need an in person class--LOL! Yes, sad the Ducks lost, but still very proud of the great year they had!

MaryH said...

I'm sorry, but I was laughing as I read your post of woes, cause that's exactly the kind of thing I go through. What you shared turned out beautifully - each card is so pretty with the colors selected and delicate die. Looks perfect to me!!! I didn't see JMcG's video, but now I must find it. I thought your HB die looked just fine with the size of the card too. I'm agreeing with the 2 other commenters, and I usually run the BShot a couple of times in passing & then try to look at the back of the c/s to see if I have a good cut. Sometimes I just have to use the good tiny scissors & do some cutting - I'm not at ease with cutting using a craft knife. The cutterbee scissors work pretty well. Don't despair, keep trying & you'll get this die to do exactly what you want with it. Big Hugs, enjoyed the post AND the lovely card. TFS (oh yes, and I forget about the wax paper until I'm cutting & gritting my teeth that I forgot to use the wax paper!).

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I was having problems with a heart die and have to run it through the cuttlebug a couple of times and I add and extra shim. But I think I might try the metal that Lisa was talking about...try tonight.

I copied the packaging of the "stop-pulling harness" for you and will send it to you in the next few days. It seems to be working on Kylie, she is not pulling as much....hopefully one of these days we can take leasurely walks instead of way to fast walks. Have a good day.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Brenda... ah feel for you...
I also saw the video and she made it all look so easy.. she did cut the dies into sections though and so did not put it in the shape it cuts at to help it fit in your shape .. and maybe try a square for outline or rectangle?

Re the cutting I cant get wax paper and dont have metal shim.

However I keep a plain candle by my machine and rub it over and works like wax paper and less mess.

Also rotating die works well ...
1. I put on die vertically on plate run it through,
2. then turn all plates around, run it through on opposite side.
3. Then put die on plate horizontally and do same thing put in one way
4. then turn all plates around and bring it through other side.

It thus goes through four times but no two ways the same.

So try running it through four time different ways and reckon it would work. That way you dont need to get stash as should have candle somewhere.

But so love your cards anyhoo! we are own worst critics you know .. you dont need another hobby me dear!

Thanks so much for popping over and for sharing!
Shaz in Oz.x

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Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Back again Brenda here's a good link to video:

Hope it works ok am on my mobile phone.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Mm thinking other won't work as it has digest in it. I get them on digest.
This maybe better.

Colleen said...

Brenda...from your pictures both cards look beautiful! I do understand your frustrations though...some dies I don't use very much because they don't cut through no matter what I do!! It is NOT you, it is the die!!

Darnell J Knauss said...

Your cards ended up gorgeous from what I can see, Brenda. I don't usually read the other comments, but this time I did because I'm also interested in advice on this ... I see you entered a die-cut card in my NBUS, so I'm going to skip ahead to the next post now ... Hugs, Darnell

Brenda said...

No Brenda, don't change hobby's!!!! Your cards are beautiful and I even enlarged them to see them better! I saw the same video by JMG and I think you did fabulous with this technique! I love the extra pieces you put in and think it made a great looking laser look cut! So I'm impressed to say the least! Wax paper does help with letting the die release the piece of paper and after a while you won't need it at all because the die will be all "waxed" up so to speak. You did great my friend, so don't beat yourself up!! Hugs, Brenda

papayoung said...
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