Saturday, January 4, 2014

This is the day!!! My phone should get connected by the end of the day. I called yesterday to double check because if it does not go well, my previous company is closed over the weekend so I couldn't get any help until Monday again. I got a person here in the US and she couldn't have been more helpful. She checked the order, it is set to go, gave me a number to call to verify that it is working, AND checked and adjusted the bill. I told her I hadn't even looked at the bill other than the amount so far. It is now what it should be. Other than the 10" of snow we are forecasted to get tomorrow and the 30 to 40 degress below zero we are to have Monday and Tuesday, all is good in my world! I can get on with cardmaking.  I have a question that maybe someone can answer. Some of the time on blogs, the picture won't load. All I get is a little red x in the top left corner of the square. Does that happen to anyone else and is it something I should do to my computer to make it work? 

I want to say a happy hello to Holly at She is a new follower to my blog and I'm happy to welcome her. Thanks, Holly.

Today I'm showing you a gorgeous card I received for Christmas from one of my cardmaking friends. I only have a few gals who made cards, so they are all the more special to me. Hope you like it and enjoy the day. Be kind to one another.



cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Oh that is a cute card....think I might case it using maybe spring colors (can you tell I want spring already??) Glad things are working out with the phone business and also glad you got someone that understood your situation and you got your bill adjusted and it is now what it should be. (I hope it is not $400+)
When I get that x in the square, I usually start over, delete the draft etc. Cause I don't think blogspot will allow you to post that picture for some reason. So I just shut it all down, deleting it all and start all over, finally I get the picture up on my post that I was trying to get.

Well have a good day and keep warm....I live in WI so I am not looking forward to this cold...only good thing is the Packers are playing Sunday, hopefully it won't be too cold for them.

Colleen said...

So happy to hear that your phone saga might come to an end...but let's not count our chickens too early! let us know Tuesday if all went according to plan on Monday...Happy New Year to you and how special to receive a home made card from a friend...I admit to saving all of mine too...just too special to throw away!

MaryH said...

Brrr...I'm feeling so cold for that weather temp you mentioned! We're just whining about the 12F we are predicted. So happy to hear that progress is getting your communication problem resolved. I can hear you doing the Happy Dance too. Lovely card from your very bright & cheery with the colors of circles, and the pretty embossing. Stay warm, be safe, stay inside if you are able. TFS & Hugs - oh yes, I'll pop over to say Hi to your new follower too!

Anonymous said...

HI Brenda-Phew,glad your phone saga is hopefully coming to an end :)
At least the snow and freezing temperatures mean you can spend some extra time crafting-i really don't envy you those temperatures though brrrrrr!!I
have had that red cross instead of the picture sometimes when i am viewing other peoples Blogs-i usually re load the page and the piccy appears-i think sometimes it just doesnt load properly.
Thank you for stopping by to say hello today(i was a bit worried that all my crafty friends might have run away in my absence LOL!!)
Hugs,Nessa xxx