Monday, January 20, 2014

My sister in law loved her card, the receipe cards and the pin. We had a great lunch at a brand new place called Bagger Dave's.  Fun place. We had three more inches of snow over the weekend and expecting more overnight. Plus extreme temps again. This isn't usual for Indiana so we are somewhat stunned. Seems the weather patterns all over are changing. I'm not crazy about this pattern we're in. Sometime last week my tummy settled down and my left hip started being painful. Dr. thought maybe I had contracted a h pylori germ, but it wasn't. By Saturday I could barely walk. Tried Aleve, heating pad, BioFreeze and nothing helped. Hubby's lip was better, then started with new breakouts in different places. We are both going to visit dr. today. It's kind of a hip and lip appointment! Please fight getting older. It brings a lot of unexpected ailments that are not pleasant, just a nuisance.

Today's card is a thank you for some sweet ladies that I won blog candy from. This one is with Graphic 45 paper and made with the daisy. The one I forgot to take a picture of was similar only using the lilly of the  valley. Graphic 45 makes such fun paper. I've been browsing the CHA releases and oh my gosh. I may have to go back to work to support this habit. I keep telling myself I don't need more "stuff". The point is to downsize my "stuff". But someone has to buy the things they worked so hard to create for us! Be kind to one another and support the industry.



  1. Brenda I sure hope you can get some relief for that hip... and I wonder if your husband has shingles?? I sure hope not... it is most painful! Wonderful card, I admire your positive attitude and keep on going through all the difficulties of life! You are an inspiration!!

  2. Yes....trying to fight old age here too. Last Tuesday I slipped on the floor and fell on my tailbone....OUCH...have been in pain all week, only relief comes when laying down. Otherwise getting up from sitting HURTS!! Oh well, this will pass. Sorry to hear you guys are fighting so many ailments also.......

    Down-sizing??? Need to just use the stuff up, My favorite store Archivers is closing...guess I won't be buying a whole lot now. 40% off on everything in the store this week. Who know maybe 50% next week, should I wait and take a chance or go see what they have and be tempted by new stuff???? So hard to down size when there is so many new things out there to buy (hahahahaaaaa) I think I am supporting the industry for sure.....thank goodness I got another Etsy sale so I can invest again (smile).

  3. Couldn't help laughing about your hip and lip appt--even though I told myself it really isn't funny! (Thanks for the grin anyway, and I hope that everything turns out OK for both of you.)

    Love your pretty card--that daisy and the bright colors make it so cheerful!!

    Stay warm and safe!!!

  4. Well, Brenda, all of your readers knew that your SIL would love her card, but thank you for letting us know for sure!! Hope that the lip & hip appts were productive & you'll be getting some relief. It takes a lot of toughness to age & sometimes it's not a lot of fun either. Better than the alternative though. My DH had the h pylori some years ago, and it's miserable. It was treated with a 'power pack of steroid type meds', and we always are concerned when his tum acts up, that he's got it again. We're expecting cold the remainder of the week too, but today was quite nice. I hear you about 'not buying more stuff'. I think we're all guilty of it. Your G45 loos so much like spring with the greens & yellows. Just the thing with the weather you're having. Like the lace doily behind your daisies too. That's the best thing with the G45 (once you brave cutting into it)...the wonderful motifs that you can just cut & mat & create a beautiful card. Be safe on any ice & stay warm. TFS & Hugs

  5. So with you on the aging process. They keep telling us how we are all living longer but what they don't tell us is we are aging quicker!! It is raining cats and dogs here at the moment. I don't think the drains can take much more. The water table is so high. lovley spring like card. If only it was. I hate the month of January. Feels like iut has been around for a yr already.! hugs Mrs A.