Monday, January 13, 2014

I just learned about this company and they are celebrating their second year in business! I am so far behind things. They are having a blog hop to celebrate and I am going to hop along and see all the inspiration. Also learned that one of my stamping/scrapping friends is going to open her own store when Archiver's closes. This is exciting and I'm so happy for her. This blogging is wonderful, you learn so much and meet the bestest people.

Last week was really busy for us. Hubby had doctor's appt. and that took most of the day. Then I took him to the dentist because of a problem that popped up on his lip. We have to call back Wed. and see if it is better. So far, I don't think it is. If not, we see an oral surgeon to get a biopsy. I hope he doesn't have to go thorough that. He can barely eat as it is and he is not about to miss a meal! May be making a lot of shakes.  I will have a card next time. I am on my way to dr. to see why my tummy is not playing nice. Then I will pop into Hobby Lobby or Michaels to get some new embossing paste. I signed up to take the stencil class Jan. 24th and will probably need that. Be kind to one another.


Colleen said...

Good luck with all the doctors appointments, Brenda. Hope you are feeling better and your husband gets some relief to EAT! Silver lining is trip to the craft stores! I am going up to the Seattle area and stay with a BFF for 5 days, you can bet we will hit the Hobby Lobby store which we do NOT have in Oregon! You take care and have a good week!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

I am rally disappointed that Archivers is closing...bummers. We do have Micheals, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnnes. Guess the little guys are moving on.

We take our car in tomorrow, it's just what husband said was the problem, alternator or I suspect that will be more $$$$ added on to what we owe plus still pay the car loan. Is there such a place called "Worry free"??? I which I knew where that was :)

Will have to check out that link when I have a few moments. Have a great day...we are looking at 1-6 inches tomorrow....uge!!

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

I am REALLY disappointed, not rally....hahahah!

oh and maybe a place called "Debt free" would be a nice place to live in too!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda-How lovely that your friend will be opening her own carft store(not so good for your wallet though I expect!)
I am sorry to hear that your husband is not so well-I hope you will have only good news when you return to the docors xxxDo you think that your tummy could be upset from worrying about him?stress can be a funny thing and shows itself in many ways-I know when I am really worried about something I wake at 2am always-can never sleep beyond then,and when the worry has gone I am right back to normal snoozing-take good care of yourself and each other,
love and hugs,Nessa xxx

Mrs A. said...

Hope you have the sickness probs all sorted now. Not nice having a sore mouth at the nest of times. hugs Mrs A.