Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It was a beautiful sunny day, really cold but sunny. Sun always makes you happier. So I took my new buddy, computer #2 on a little ride. We stopped by the store that buddy recently called home and popped in, right up to the support desk." Ben" was very nice and helpful. We reset the password, actually using the original one I set up, duh, and we were off and running. He did answer a lot of questions I had but said he needs to set the computer up with stuff. Anti virus that is already in it and google chrome. Does that sound right to anyone? Just asking because I can't imagine why I have to pay $99 for him to do that. Is there something I don't know?  I feel like this isn't necessary. It didn't say anything in the instructions about getting a set up. In fact, what used to be books and books that came with a computer, I now have a pamphlet! Please feel free to send me any comments you have about this. He won't come until Monday. So far I've been able to get around. I don't have all my favorite places in so I hope I don't miss anyone. This keyboard is a little different and I keep hitting the wrong keys. So far I've shut this post down twice. I'm really not complaining or ranting today, just telling you a story. Haven't made a card for two days now,

My heart goes out to the people in Georgia and the southern states in the grip of their winter storm. Poor kids sleeping in schools and parents can't get to them and all that ice. Please be careful and just stay in. We are issued a state of travel, red, orange or yellow. It tells us who can .go out.

Many, many thanks to all of you with tips and hugs and cartoons yesterday. It made me feel so much better. I did get a mouse to go with this and my life is so much easier.

Please let me share my thoughts on this. There should be technicians that can repair old desktops for people like me that really don't want to move into this century. Or they should follow you home and teach you how to use a new computer. That is true for any electronics. DVR's, CD players and fancy kitchen appliances. You should not have to upgrade if you don't want to. It should be fixable.

On a side note, my electric can opener just quit working today. I just laughed and laughed.  I will be using the old fashion hand crank one in the bottom drawer. Who knows what I would have to endure just to open a can and how costly would it be?  Be kind to one another.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Oh you are reading your blogs!!! Taking your new buddy for a ride, hope buddy enjoyed the adventure.

Ummmm...I think "Ben" put an anti virus and google chrome in which you need for protection against many viruses that can mess up your computer. I have google chrome it's just another way of getting on the internet, like internet explorer. I find I can do facebook in Google and it works faster. But if I do Facebook on Internet explorer it works slow. I can do my blog better on Internet Explorer BUT it does not work on Google for some reason.....don't know why. Only thing I can figure is my computer is getting tired and old. Wish things were more consistant. I will have to jump through some of the hoops you are jumping through, and I don't relish the idea.

What kind of lap top did you get, HP, DELL???? I am still trying to decide, but might go with an HP with the cpu in the screen and it's also a touch runs about $700, but I am still thinking, depends on how long this one lasts. can opener is acting up...had to pull out the manual can opener also...have a good evening.

Mrs A. said...

Not exactly in the same frame but our TV recorder has just packed up. Lost all it recorded programmes and wiped the disc clean and now won't record any news ones. Running around like crazy now as we have to watch programmes in real time or loose them forever. Life was so easy when you made your own entertainment. Bring back board games is what I say! Anybody fancy a game of monopoly? !!!!! hugs Mrs A.

MaryH said...

Brenda, I don't think you should have to pay $99 for installation of an anti-virus or google chrome either. You can download google chrome FREE from the internet. On the anti-virus, you can get one (free) from the Microsoft website, and it's called Microsoft Essentials. It can be set up to run automatically each time you boot up your pc. Before you plunk down $99, ask some of your local friends what they think. Not really my business, but seems to me he's charging you for doing something you should be able to do yourself, even if you're not super computer savvy. I think the techs charge about $60-70/hr for their time, regardless of what they do to your pc, so maybe that's reasonable for your area. If you can postpone his visit & try to do this yourself, you have $99. to spend on supplies. If you think you need some help, I can email you my ph. and perhaps we could talk you through the downloads. It's NOT hard to do! Hope this helps rather than confuses! I have managed to view Lesson 1 videos, but still not had a chance to do any of the techniques!! Hope the cold & snow is a bit better, and hope the weather jokes cheered. Hugs