Sunday, December 4, 2016

Whoa, winter has arrived here. We may get a dusting of snow this morning. I love looking out at pristine snow and seeing it fall. That's it. I don't want to shovel it, drive in it or trudge through it.  This card today is another from the class I took and it is a doozy. The front of the trees are one paper and the other side is a different pattern. I love how the inside looks too. I don't know that I will make another one but I do love how this came out. Be kind to one another.

I'm sorry, I meant to turn the middle picture but forgot. It is to show you the other side of the front trees. The card ties in front to close it.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

I'm back. I don't know if that is a threat or promise but I'm here. It has taken several days to get back to normal. We had a great time at a great place. The cabin was plenty big enough for all of our family. They have remodeled the kitchen so we had enough room to make our Thanksgiving meal. We were up late every night and this old body isn't used to that. We got home Sunday afternoon, I unpacked the leftover food and Molly and I slept most of Sunday afternoon and nine hours Sunday night! She was so good and got so much attention from the grands. I have caught up on the laundry and did all my errands yesterday. I got some Christmas shopping done on cyber Monday.

My heart goes out to all those in Tennessee with the fires. That is where our family stayed several years ago on our family trip. Also to those in the path of the tornados in the south. Our weather has been all over the place, warm and cozy one day and cold the next.

Here is a Christmas card I made in a class this year. It is an easel card and I'm not sure what happened to its bottom where it got wavy. I have to get myself back in the groove of cardmaking. I made so many for Halloween and Thanksgiving and then just stopped to get ready for the trip. I'm hoping my mojo comes back into town today. Not that much time left. Be kind to one another.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

I'm sorry I've been gone so long. I took advantage of the high 60's and low 70's weather we have been having. It has come to an abrupt end today as it is in the 30's with high winds and rain. I am also getting some cards ready to donate to the nursing home for Christmas and need to finish them up today. I had a wicked migraine last week that really laid me low so I lost a day there but it is over. Our family is renting a house over Thanksgiving and cooking our dinner there. I have lists everywhere and will be making my third trip to the grocery store on Monday. Tuesday I will be making some of the dishes here at home and Wednesday we leave. It will really be fun and we have games and movies and lots of snacks. Molly is going too and it is in the country so she will be so excited with all these new smells. I am not taking my computer as there is no WiFi. I will sure have lots to catch up on when I get home.

I did have one more card to share before Christmas cards. This is an Obession Impression owl stamp  and I think the sentiment is Lawn Fawn. This is a card for all of you. I am so thankful to have you all in my life and so glad I discovered stamping. Big hugs and be kind to one another.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Frost is here and temps are dropping. BUT we are suppose to have 70's later in the week. How strange is that! Can't put away the tee's but have to have the sweatshirts out. I'm doing well and I have a new overnight unit that is much quieter. I did slam the car door on the tubing yesterday but that's been my only snafu lately. My sons, sil and bil and I went to the cementery yesterday for Veteran's Day and told stories and laughed. That was theraputic and we still miss him so much. I took my granddaughter to lunch afterward and had a great time with her.

This is my last fall card. It is a stamp and pumpkin dies from Impression Obsession. I sponged with DI and mounted on an embossed leaf panel. Now it's on to Christmas cards. I feel guilty because I make all the same card but have so many, many Christmas stamps and dies and don't use them. I'm afraid I will send the same card to someone the next year if I make them all different. Be kind to one another.

Monday, November 7, 2016

We are going to have a high temp. of 68 today. I am so happy for such lovely weather this late in the year. I hope it continues.  I have gone out once with my new adornments. I went into the grocery store with my little unit and it was fine. The problem is the tube from the machine to me is 7 ft. long. That's so I can move around a room without carrying the unit. But it's easy to trip over it (or roll over it with my desk chair) when walking unless you coil it up. I'm getting there. I've mastered the bed by throwing the tubing over the end of the mattress at the head of the bed. Keeps it out of the way.

This card was made with a snippet of left over paper for the plaid leaves, an emobssing folder for background, some dew drops and a bit of twine for a bow. I clear embossed the sentiment and will enter this at Be kind to one another.

Friday, November 4, 2016

A new me! A while back I mentioned I was having some health issues. I was very short of breath and having a hard time of it. That is now fixed. I got my oxygen yesterday after being evaluated Monday. What a big to do it is. I now have a concentrator that is portable and a huge machine that is continuous at night. Also a backup tank in case of emergency. I don't have to have it all day long but I do have to try it at night for awhile and see if I need it. So far I have managed to roll over the tubing at my desk and cut off the air flow and I got all tangled up in the tubing during the night and almost tore my face off. The night machine is so noisy. I had him put it in the bedroom since it was a night thing. Last night I turned it on and oh my, I think the walls were shaking. I had to get up and haul the thing into the hall and close the bedroom door. Of course Molly is terrified of it. She's not crazy about the portable unit and has sniffed it but she hugged the wall in the hallway last night passing it to get back into bed! I haven't ventured out yet. I need to learn to control the tubing first so I don't hurt myself or someone else. I also need to remember not to cook with it on as I have a gas stove. Breathe or cook, what to do. Not a hard choice! Bought a new Crock Pot. I'll keep you updated. One would hope that sucking all this air in might lift and tighten up my face. Be kind to one another.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween to all. I hope you have lovely little trick or treaters and everyone is safe. We are having upper 50's and dry weather for them. I don't get any that come here and I miss that.

Oh my gosh, it seems like forever since I posted. The roof is fixed with a new boot and caulking around the chimney.  It was a busy week for me. Bingo for my SIL's sorority, a trip to Nashville, IN to the stamp stores, we had exceptional 75 degree weather for our tailgate and baseball and football on Sunday. Plus I am a serious reader and since I've been making cards and visiting blogs I don't read until bedtime. I had five books all come in at once at the library so I have been reading like mad. Harlan Coben - Home, Preston & Child - The Obsidian Chamber, Janet Evanovic - Curious Minds, Debbie Macomber - Sweet Tommorrows and Elin Hilderbrand - Winter Storms. I know, it's a strange assortment but I read everything! I also have two more in but I don't have to pick them up until 11/3. That's what I've been up to instead of making cards this past week.

This card is the last one from the class I took and it is different. It has a pocket on the front with a tag. Then the fold is unusual as it opens kind of sideways and is a easel card. It is also a bigger card than usual. Be kind to one another.