Sunday, October 13, 2013

We have another beautiful day filled with sunshine. I'm trying to enjoy it while we still have it. I told Colleen at that I now need more get well and thinking of you cards and today I need two! Both my neighbor and my sister in law fell off bikes. The neighbor man was trying to get up the curb on his new three wheeler and it threw him off. Our doorbell rang early this am and another neighbor found him in the street and he couldn't get up. We went down and got him up but his arm and leg are pretty banged up. My sister in law fell off her bike yesterday while trying to get on to go ride with her granddaughter! She is going to try and get in to the ortho doctor tomorrow. Can't lift her arm all the way up and the skin on her knee is gone. For any of you bike riders out there - be careful!  I am posting the last of my sticker pictures today. Been busy making the Halloween cards for the grandkids yesterday. I make them pretty simple for the younger ones. I did just recently find out that my granddaughter saves them and took them to school for show and tell. I thought that was very sweet. Be kind.



  1. Brenda, it is a joy to go to your blog and read your sad about your sister and neighbor...I know at our age, we need to be careful of twigs and cracks on the sidewalk...anything can trip us up, right? hee hee! Another great sticker frame! And how sweet of your granddaughter to take your cards to school for show and tell...that is a heart warmer for sure! Our Sun is shining today too!!

  2. Oh no! Hope everyone will be ok! I love my bike ( Need to get back on it) Or does is count as exercise if its just sitting in the garage. :)
    Fun sticker picture. I was finishing up my Halloween cards for GK too, we have 12 . Off to get them in the mail. Take care. Oh yes very sweet that your cards are saved and shared.

  3. Hope everyone is now recovering. Hugs Mrs A.