Thursday, October 10, 2013

I'm off to visit my girlfriend that had the knee replacement. I want to take her some lunch. She is doing well but can't drive yet so I'm going to spend some time with her. This post today is a sheet of Reminisce stickers. It has four 4x6 stickers and 8 small ones. I made three by mounting each sticker on a piece of black cardstock and putting it in a frame. I only had 3 frames so that's why I only made three! I'll show you one today and the rest later. Blogger will only let me put in one picture at a time. If I try to add another one it erases the first one!

I have another question if anyone knows. I can't make my picture small enough to add when I join as a follower. Does anyone know what I should do to make it smaller? Thanks in advance for any help you may have. I must be having issues with blogger. It won't let me be a follower for someone's blog. The only thing that appears is the word followers. The rest completely disappears. On another blog, when I go to comment, the whole blog disappears!  Be kind to each other.



  1. Hi Brenda! Beautiful project ;)
    Regarding making your picture smaller, have your tried editing it in photoshop?
    That's what I do, one can adjust the size of any picture in photoshop...
    Good Luck ;)

  2. hummm....good question. I noticed you are following me, but it shows the framed shadow and your name. I only knew I had another follower because the # went up, so I scrolled down and found you there. I am not sure about sizing the picture to fit, I never had that problem...maybe use another picture that is smaller??? I change my pictures every now and then.
    Nice project....I like that frame.
    You should be able to add more then one picture to your blog. What internet service are you using. I have found Internet Explorer will let me do things that Google Chrome won't and visa versa. So if you can use another Service, try that.