Friday, October 4, 2013

This is so hard for me to wrap my mind around, but today I am 70! My mind is still 30 but the body knows that is not true. I can still do all those things I used to, it just takes twice as long!

I want to thank all the ladies who have helped me get going with this blog.,  helped me figure out the time issue, and, taught me how to get comments in email and and have helped me in so many ways as well as many others with encouragment. Darnell taught me how to make links and look at me go!  Today my sister in law is taking me out to lunch and we are going to Archiver's to do the little bag make and take. The card I am showing you today is made with a sticker sheet from Archiver's last year. It is really cute IRL and shiny.  Again, thanks to all of you with help and comments. I am home almost every day so I have plenty of time to blog. I do run errands and get to run to places for short times but I pretty much stay close to home. Fortunately the places I want to go are within 15 minutes of home. Michaels, Joanns, Hobby Lobby and Archiver's are all within my 15 minutes. Other than the grocery store, that's where I hang out. Even my stampin up gal is 5 minutes from home. How lucky can I get!  Have a nice day and be kind to each other.



MaryH said...

Brenda, Big Happy Birthday. I'm a year behind you, and I seems like we got to this age awfully fast! I can remember just yesterday when I turned 30 (well it seems like it!). Hope you had a fine time at Archivers. I always get in trouble at that store. Glad to hear you are gaining knowledge with the blog. You're going to have to add the followers widget, and we can all start joining. I think you will find that most bloggers are happy to help a newbie because someone helped us. Darnell is a wonderful resource, and I'm happy to help with anything I can. If you leave your email in a comment on my blog I'll send you my email address (I have moderate comments turned on, so no one but me will see your info). It's very easy to add the followers widget and I think you'd enjoy seeing all the folks that will be following you.Gosh, just realized I had not commented on your cute card. Can't believe you made this card with stickers. It is adorable. Also, thanks for your good wishes for our trip home. I'm already getting weepy at leaving my baby. We won't see her again until Dec. We miss her so much. OK, that's enough for tonight. Again, hope your birthday was just wonderful, and keep up the good work on your blog. You're doing a bangup job with it! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hey Brenda -So glad you got your followers button-I have come to join the party!Thank you for joining me too :)
Oh,you were very welcome for my (very limited haha!)help
Hope you have had a lovely Birthday,
hugs,Nessa xxx

nitestamper said...

Belated Happy Birthday !!!! stay young and sweet!!!

Darnell J Knauss said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Brenda! You sure don't look like you are 70!! That's one thing that we have going for our generation. We do look a lot younger than our mothers did at our age! I think they, too, felt like they were 30 in their heads, but they looked old. I don't think we do, but I do agree we move more slowly!

I'm glad to hear that you are working out a lot of the blog issues! You should pat yourself on the back at how far you've come and how well you've done. The key is to be curious, push buttons, and be brave! I really have no idea how I did most of the stuff on my site, I just clicked this and that and it worked and then I left it alone, ha! Hugs, Darnell