Saturday, October 26, 2013

It wasn't just chilly this morning, it was down right cold - 26 degrees. Didn't want to go out but we had to pick up hubby's medicine so we did that and went to lunch. I stopped and filled up the gas tank on the way home and I can tell you that I did not enjoy that! It wasn't as cold but the wind is blowing and that makes it seem so much colder. I have mailed off all the Halloween cards but thought I would show you this one from last year for granddaughter. Keep warm and be kind.
My scissors are holding it closed!



  1. Delightful little ghost on that dark background. This is a sweet card, and your colors complement each other so well on each different layer. (I have cards that won't stay closed either, or else the paper starts to curl a bit, even if I've adhered it very well. Especially the heavier w/color papers. We had some nippy wind today as well. TFS

  2. What an adorable little ghost Brenda! Hope you've warmed up by now.