Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oh my heck, I am apologizing to all the readers I have. I am so, so sorry if I didn't answer your comments. Today I was dinking around the design part of my blog. There are still many things I don't know yet. I clicked on comments and I had a lot of them. I couldn't figure out where they all came from. Turns out, if someone comments after the day is past, you have to go back to each day and see them. I did that the first couple of days, but not since. So I am truly sorry if I didn't answer your comments. They mean a lot to me. I don't know which I should do, answer on reply on my blog or go to your blog and make a comment. I also don't know how to set the time on the blog. Trust me when I tell you I am not commenting at 6 in the morning. I am doing some of my best sleeping then! I have tried to go back and check in with you but I may have missed someone. You have all been so helpful in educating me. Stampers are the greatest!!!

I have lost a few days. The cough and sore throat turned out to be nasty. Throat is still sore but I can talk now. Couldn't do that Sun. and Mon. I had a hard time staying awake.  Today I am showing you something my grandson made for me when he was 5. You may recognize the stamp he used. After he was finished he came in and asked me how many l's there are in grandma. Didn't seem fazed when I told him there weren't any!  Be kind to one another.


Mrs A. said...

Hi Brenda love your card from your grandson. Regarding not seeing comments after the current day if you go into settings and then Mobile &email under the Email info you will see a box for comment notification email. This is where you can enter your email address and whenever anyone comments on any of your posts you will get notified in your email box with the comment that has been left on your blog. (Saves you constantly looking back on your old posts and you wont miss anybody out.) Hope this helps. Hugs mrs a.

Colleen said...

What a sweetie...love those grandkids! don't be too hard on yourself...I still have TONS of issues with the computer.. As far as commenting...I do go directly to the blog link and look at the latest someone has posted and make a comment on their card and then say something like: "and thank you for your sweet comment on my card." Hope your feeling better! Take care of yourself.

Mary H. said...

Brenda, this is so cute. Sorry to hear you've been bothered with a bad sore throat, but glad it is better now. Don't feel too badly about your learning curve. I'm using my laptop while I'm in Fla. When I was in Boston this summer, seemed a good idea to set up a gmail account (and I was using the laptop!) When I got home, my blog behaved as it normally does. This is the 1st time since Boston that I've tried to access my blog with the laptop, and I can't get the gmail to allow me to get to the place on my blog where I can publish comments. I can add a post, but I can't edit a blog, and what I sign into blogger with, says I have no rights to publish comments! Go figure. I am so aggravated with myself. I was trying to improve something, and only made problems for myself. Don't worry, though, you'll get all this scooped out eventually. I'm off to post (if I can!) and ask for some help too! We all try to help each other. That's what is so fun about the blogging experience. Keep feeling better. Enjoyed your comment that I can read in email, but can't publish! (yet anyway!) Hugs

alexandra s.m. said...

I hope you feel much better soon ;)

Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh, gosh, Brenda, that card made me LOL! You just have to love the little ones!

Re the comment how-to, Mrs. A gave you perfect advice on how to set it up. As far as replying to comments, you don't need to feel like you have to answer EVERY comment. It is great to do it when you can, but I don't want you to stress over it. I do think when you do reply, though, you should do it on the commenter's blog. I see a few people that reply on their own blog, but I don't really know why. Most people never go back to a blog they have commented on to see if there is a reply for them there from the author. You know what I mean? It keeps us busy just visiting each other's current posts, without having to go back to ones we've already seen. At least that's what I feel. Obviously, there are folks who disagree, or they perhaps don't realize that their replies aren't being seen!

Thanks for your good wishes on my travels to my sister's house! Hugs, Darnell