Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I didn't post the previous post at 9:46 am, I posted at 12:46 pm.  There are several places to set time and I don't know where to do it to fix the blog time. My computer time is fine.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Brenda :)
I don't know if I can help you at all with your time problem on your Blog(I am a bit challenged by technology LOL!)but here goes-I will try to tell you how I did mine as I am Blogspot too-so it will be the same.
Go into DESIGN(up on the very top right on your Blog page)
Then On the left hand side in the list click SETTINGS-then click LANGUAGE AND FORMATTING
You should now be able to change your times/zone etc
When you are done click the orange SAVE SETTINGS button at the top.
I hope this helps you-I know how very annoying it is when the time isnt right on your Blog-my posts were always lagging a day behind (Ha,a bit like me!LOL)
Have a lovely day,
Nessa xx