Tuesday, March 8, 2016

These last two days have been miserable. I've reached an impasse and have a real (to me) dilemma. I have everything I want back in the house. It is not organized but it's in. The dilemma is that the garage is still full and most of the other things are still on the sunporch. The bathtub is empty because that's where I put a lot of my craft stuff. I don't want to bring all that stuff back in but I can't just throw it away. There are pictures I don't want to put back up and every kind of thing you can imagine. I will be donating a lot of belongings and I'm thrilled for it to go. My neighbor came by yesterday and I had lots of craft stuff on the dining room table. Her DIL works with Brownies and I gave her tons of stuff for crafts for them. I want to give it to good homes so I will be going through more things for her. I have come to the conclusion that I have a real problem hoarding paper. I'm not talking patterned paper (although that too), I'm talking note pads and reams of plain white paper. Now that all my stamps are in one place I find I have way too many. It doesn't look like too many when they are in different places but oh my, I have a lot. They have to have new homes as well. If there is any Stampin Up stamp set you wished you had purchased a long time ago, let me know. I probably have it and will send it to you. So in conclusion, the last two days I walk into the garage and look around and come back in the house. I hope to have my craft room whipped back into shape in the next few days. Then I have to do the bedroom and baths.

Today I'm sharing the last of the cards I've received from my blogging friends. I have been so blessed to receive wonderful cards from all of you. Never underestimate the feelings of the recipient when you send a handmade card. It makes you feel so special that someone would sit down and make a card for you. You know they are thinking of you and care about you. I think making cards is so gratifying and the most wonderful thing to do for a person. Love you all and be kind to one another.


Di said...

Oh my sweet girl, of course it will seem overwhelming at times. Back to eating the elephant a bit at a time - why not list your unwanted stamps (no need to photo them all) on a separate page on your blog and offer them for a nominal amount (make sure your postage is covered at the very least plus maybe a bit for you to donate to a chosen charity). We're savvy enough to go and check out what the images are on the internet and it would help you to feel things are moving a bit. I say this as am on the brink of doing it myself!

I owe you an email, will e ASAP. Meanwhile, chin up and don't focus on how much is left to do - take pleasure in how much you already achieved these past few weeks.


Di xxxx

Lisa said...

I'm sorry you've been miserable :( Hopefully you will feel better once you donate the items you don't want. I hoard paper pads, too...I have drawers full of them. I just can't seem to throw them away. Thinking of you and hope things get better soon. The cards you received are so beautiful!! Have a great evening!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Brenda said...

Oh Brenda, I know of this feeling you are having!!! I guess that is why I haven't started on my craftroom because I know that I'm going to be overwhelmed and not know what to do with some of this crap. lol Like you I found out I have a ton of stamps. I have no clue where they all came from, don't remember buying them all. lol But I guess I did. I still have some to organize, and some to donate. You have came to far to give up now my friend, just go through it all a little bit at a time. Get a donate pile going and a trash pile and just sort little by little. You will get there!! Another time I wish I was close by to help you out. Hugs, Brenda

Mrs A. said...

Just take it bit by bit. Leave it for a day and then go back fresh. Im still sorting out my craft room and finding that things dont work quite right where I have put them first off. It takes time. Hugs Mrs A.

Greta said...

Such sweet cards! If you're sure you don't want anything else that's in the garage or sunporch, you could have someone like ARC or St Vinnie's come take it all. That way it isn't being thrown away, but you have your house like you want it. Thinking of you, Brenda. Hugs & a pat for Molly!