Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The boys and I went to see DH yesterday. We met with the Dr.'s assistance as he was called away while we were on our way there. Said DH would be there at least seven more days. Because of his health problems, heart, TIA's, fatty liver, kidney problems (first I've heard of this) and so on they couldn't start decreasing his meds right away. He has to have three good days with no aggression or combativeness before he can go back. She said he had a good weekend. Then we went in to see him. He was slumped over the side of the recliner chair picking at the side of the chair. There was no recognition of us, nothing he said made any sense and most of the time they weren't words. He shook the entire time. He was combative when the nurses lifted him back up and propped him up. They took him off a lot of the meds and we have to wonder if it was cold turkey. Clonazepam is one you should not just suddenly stop. He looked like he was coming off drugs and having a violent reaction. It was a brutal visit and we were totally unprepared after hearing he had a good weekend. I have a call in this morning to speak to her again. She also said that the Lisinipro he was on probably caused the kidney issues. He was not on that drug, so another question for her.

The day before yesterday I had Molly out and was waiting for her to come in when out of the corner of my eye I spotted our coyote. He was standing perfectly still and watching the dogs in the yard to the north of us. He was like a statue so I went and got my camera and was able to get a few pictures. As I was ready to come in the house, a small baby coyote came out of the weeds, followed  by a really big one. OMG, a family! I didn't get pictures because they ran into the weeds and were gone. These pictures were taken from our sun porch and they were just on the other side of the fence. That is the neighbors rain gauge that is in the picture and our black chain link fence. Be kind to one another.


Greta said...

So sorry you didn't have a more positive visit & that the doctor couldn't be there. Will be good to get those questions answered, so hope she calls you back soon. At least they reported a good weekend, so that's something positive. Doesn't it scare you to have coyotes so close to the house? I love seeing wild life, but not that close!

Lisa said...

Oh gosh, I'm sorry you had a rough visit yesterday, especially after he had a good weekend. I hope you are able to get all of your questions answered and they are able to regulate his medicine correctly. What awesome photos of the coyote and how fun to see the entire family!! Keeping you in my prayers :)

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Liz said...

Sorry to hear that your visit wasn't as good as you'd hoped. It's encouraging that your hubby had a good weekend, so take a day at a time and I'm sure when the medication is sorted things will continue to improve for you hubby.

I'm not sure I'd like the coyotes that close to my home! xx

Mrs A. said...

I'm totally with Liz above about Hubby. Again not sure I'd be happy that close either. My fence would be at least double in height! Keeping you and hubby in my thoughts. Giving you big virtual hugs. Mrs A.

Di said...

I'm with others here Brenda - it has to be one day at a time right now, although it must be so, so hard. My current problems are linked to medication reactions and sometime I feel as if doctors tinker around a lot - with us as the guinea pigs :( But, your DH is safe and being cared for which must be quite a huge weight off your shoulders, although I just know that you and the boys are keeping on top of what's going on as best you can as well.

How lucky you are to have a coyote family living so close - we get excited when we see a little hedgehog in the garden here :)


Di xx

Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh, dear, what a mess to end up with more questions than answers. I'm so sorry, Brenda. It must have been cruel to see him like that. And whatever happened with his hernia? I have to believe that they are very careful about how they take a person off their medications, but then again, it's disconcerting to have them say that about the Lisinopril and he wasn't even on it ... grrrr. You must be exhausted. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for sharing the coyote photos! How beciting to have a little family to observe! Still, you and Molly need to keep a lookout for them that they don't get to close or sneak up on you! Love and hugs, Darnell

Brenda said...

I'm so sorry you and DH have to be going through all this Brenda. I know how much your heart must be hurting for DH, life just isn't fair is it?! I pray that he has 3 good days so he can get to a normal routine at a nursing home close by you. And I pray he keeps smiling when he see's you, his beautiful wife. You just keep hanging in there, and I will hang with you. We will take it one day at a time. It really does bother me that they would have pulled him off all his meds suddenly and what's this business about the Lisinopril?! Don't they have a drug list?!! Well, my prayers will continue for you and DH.

Love the coyote pics. We have them too, but don't get to see them that often, but late at night they will be in the field beside the driveway when DS comes home from work. It's cool that you got to see a whole family of them. They should be scared of you and Molly, let's hope that is the case! Hugs, Brenda

Bonnie said...

You've been often in my thoughts, Brenda. Seems like a lot of ups and downs. Try not to get too discouraged with the downs. Hopefully they will get his meds all straight so he can go back to the nursing home. I know that will be easier for you. I'm keeping you in my prayers and your DH too. Be careful with those coyotes around. xoxo

MaryH said...

Oh dear, not a happy post. Praying that by the time I've read this, that things have sort of settled a bit. I'm glad you are staying on top of the discussions about the medications...cause it does sound a bit scary. And I know this must be such a rollercoaster for you & the family to have Bill like this when you visit. Enjoyed the little coyotes, and so glad you're watchful of Molly. Good pictures though! Thoughts & prayers coming your way. TFS