Sunday, November 22, 2015

Oh my, it is so cold here. We had a beautiful snowfall yesterday. It didn't really stick but it was fat, gorgeous flakes that came down so fast. I went to GS's basketball game that was so exciting. They lost by one point but the game was great to watch. Today I plan to watch football and do laundry. I need to catch up with things around here so I can start my Christmas cards. I've done no shopping and don't have a clue what I want to get for anyone. I can't actually believe it is almost here. Where did this year go?

At our visit to DH Friday the nurse came out and told us he was having a bad day. He had been shaking and picking all morning when she came in. We were taken back to his room, which was a first, to see him. He was sound asleep and did not wake up while we were standing around his bed talking. I know they are doing their best and it takes time so I am trying not to get upset. I can only hope he won't remember them taking blood tests every day and giving him shots to get his meds in him.

It is exciting to have a family of coyotes in our field but I am always worried for Molly. Every time she goes out I check the yard. At night I scan the yard and field with my huge flashlight before she can go out. I have to do that anyway because for some reason there are bunnies inside our fence. I have to chase them out before she can go outside.

I got another card made. Very simple with just SU burlap ribbon, a die cut leaf and some dew drops. Brushed the leaf ends with ink and added a sentiment by SU. Be kind to one another.


Liz said...

Lovely CAS card, Brenda. I love added texture of a burlap.

I hope your hubby has a better day tomorrow. Remember, take one day at a time.

Glad that you're enjoying your family of coyotes. I'm still not sure I'd want them that close! xx

Lisa said...

What a beautiful card!! The burlap is a fabulous touch!! I hope they are able to get your husband's medicine all figured out soon so you can visit. And hopefully the coyotes stay away!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Cathy said...

Gorgeous card Brenda, love the plaid leaf. We just have kangaroos and wallabies in our yard, coyotes sound way more dangerous! Cathy x

MaryH said...

It's CAS, but it's also very lovely. Color, texture & a gorgeous maple leaf! What more could a fall card hold? I'm so glad you are feeling like doing a card sometimes. Hope that it helps with the stress levels. Also good to hear you are being so careful with Molly when she's out. Does she have to stay on a leash if you have her out, or is she good to come when you call? Be careful, stay warm, and so glad you got to get out with the family to enjoy some quality time. Big hugs. TFS

Di said...

Gorgeous card Brenda - the burlap ribbon adds wonderful texture too. I think a card whenever you really feel like it is a great stress buster - Mary is right.

Keep taking each day as it comes honey - and remember that you have a load of virtual hugs wrapped around you from all of us who call in here. and many more folk too for sure.

I don't know much about coyotes to be honest, but from what I've read here USA folk seem to be very wary about them so you're very wise to watch Molly closely. We don't have them in the UK needless to say, my guess is that Parsnip wouldn't exactly be hollering for a saddle to hop on one for a ride?

Love and hugs

Di xxx

Greta said...

Love all your card elements--beautiful sentiment! So sorry things are not easier for your hubby, but I do think he's at the best facility & hopefully soon they'll get him on the right regime. The coyotes would scare me to death! So far in the yards around here it's just skunks to worry about, so I always turn on the light & make noise as I open the door. Football day here, too, after I got home from work. Big hugs, Greta

Greta said...

Forgot to say--I wondered how much snow you got. Boy was it cold here this morning--25 when I got up & the deck was an ice rink!

Darnell J Knauss said...

Your card is so pretty, Brenda! I'm glad you got some crafting done in the brief winter wonderland! I've seen some beautiful snow photos around Blogland and remember those first snows of the year. I'm glad to hear that you are keeping an eye out for Molly as far as the coyotes are concerned. Good to know that there are rabbits there, too, for them to eat instead of Molly. Sorry, that might sound cruel, but that's the way of nature. I guess God gave little dogs bark boxes so the coyotes would know the difference!

I'm glad you were able to spend some time by Bill's bedside when you went to visit, rather than just being turned away. It must also be nice to have seen him in his bed so now you can visualize him there, sleeping peacefully. My prayers continue that they find the right medicine cocktail for him so he can return closer to home for you to visit. I know it will be a challenge, but I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family! Love and hugs, Darnell

My Crafty Place - Sharyn Polesel said...

I received one of your beautiful cards today. Thanks so much for thinking of us. I'm glad you are getting back in your craft room. It is always good therapy for me when I do. Coyotes in the scary. Keep a watch on that sweet doggie. I'm sure you will. Prayers for your hubby....and you. Hugs, my fiend. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

alexandra s.m. said...

Beautiful card Brenda!
Thinking of you ;)