Saturday, January 3, 2015

Well, so much for good intentions! I've had McDonalds french fries and some fudge. I went to Kohl's and bought some new dress slacks and I have an order ready to go to Simon Says.  That was all yesterday so I only lasted one day! That's why I should never make resolutions. Good thing I wasn't going to beat myself up or I would be black and blue by now.

Here are a few more great cards I received.  The first one is from Greta at This card sparkles all over and is so pretty. It has the most beautiful background stamped in navy, teal and soft pink Then the sparkle and a navy sentiment with some bling. My second card is from Brenda at This one has a fun wreath with big red bow attached and red berries. It is mounted on a woodgrain panel that looks like a door. I love the little sentiment stamped at the bottom. I'm so grateful for all my blogger friends and followers. It makes the world so small and interconnected. If I had my way, I would set at the computer all day and "talk" to all of you.

This is long and doesn't have anything to do with cards so you can skip if you want.

I'm going to share a quick little story and I don't want you to think I'm complaining. It just is what it is. We have been fortunate to have been battling hubbys disease for seven years and only small changes until last year. Now he is going downhill pretty fast as compared to other years. He has a difficult time finding words he wants to say and repeats the same stuff over and over. No one except the family spends any time with us. Our friends and even the neighbors don't spend any time with him any longer. It isn't their fault, he can't really carry on a conversation and what else would you do. Sometimes I can't even guess what he is saying. I know that is frustrating for him. As a result, we don't do anything anymore. I do see my girlfriends once in a while and we talk on the phone. Hubby goes to bed at 6 pm so it is easier for me to talk then. It is getting harder and harder to leave him for any length of time. I fixed his lunch one day last week (sandwich and piece of pie) and left for a short time. When I got back, the first thing he said was "Molly ate my lunch". I asked how she got it. He put it on the table and went to the bathroom and when he came back there was no food. So our dog had a ham sandwich and pie of sugar cream pie! I asked if he went ahead and ate the last piece of pie because I didn't see it anywhere. It was in a aluminum pie pan and I didn't see that anywhere, even the trash and I looked all over. He couldn't remember. Later, when I went to heat water for tea I found the pie tin in the microwave! Oh dear. Now you see why I'm afraid to leave.
This story is to tell you why I love all my blogger friends. The interaction is sometimes the only one I have all day in the outside world. Especially in the cold winter months when I don't go out much. Sometimes a quick comment made by one of you that is so sweet makes a real difference in my day.
This sounds so pathetic but it really isn't. Our sons call a lot to check on  us and hubby's sister is always available. I'm just sharing this so you know how much I appreciate your friendship. Be kind to one another.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your husband. It can be scary, for him too. Being a care taker can take it's toll. Least you have your family for support.

Don't beat yourself up about not keeping resolutions, it's not a sin. We just set too many goals that we can't keep. Mine was just lose 15-20 lbs this year. Lost 10 in maybe 15 in 2015 would be not so hard.

I have to have cateract surgery in the are your eyes doing?? Eye Doctor said it was just starting in my eyes, so he wants to do the surgery before it gets worse. I have stigmatisms in both that will be 2k more for both eyes that I would have to pay....I said I did not have that kind of money. So he will do just the regular surgery and I will still have to wear glasses. Oh well at this late date, does it really matter. Have a good day, take some vitamin D....that helps when the "sun don't shine" :)

Lisa said...

Brenda, I am so sorry about your husband. It has to be so hard for you. I admire your strength in taking care of him. I will keep you both in my prayers.

I quit making resolutions because I break them, too :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Sue - said...

I'm sorry to hear about your hubby! I know how hard it is. Both my parents developed dementia in later years and even though I didn't care for them as such as I had my own family, it was very worrying wondering what they were going to do next! Two lovely cards you have shown.

MaryH said...

Brenda, I can imagine how wearisome dealing with this disease is becoming for you, and the isolation that you must feel. Please know that I'm always as close as email & phone if you need a shoulder. Can't do much to help, but I can listen. Keep strong, and let your sons help all they will. I laughed about your breaking your resolutions. I enjoyed reading them when you posted, but I said to myself "Oh I won't bother making those, even though they fit me perfectly, cause I know I'm a weak sister!". I even ordered stuff in Fla! (now THAT's BAD!). Saw some good sales at Blitzy & Oozak, and what was I to do??? Yes, I do SO need more dies!!! (NOT!). Loved the beautiful cards you received. Isn't it such a happy mail to open a handmade card from a blog friend, and enjoy knowing they thought of you, and shared? God Bless and hope Sunday is a good afternoon for both of you. And Molly. At least every cloud has a silver lining, and Molly might get to enjoy some treats (which she prob'ly doesn't really need! LOL) Hugs.

Darnell J Knauss said...

I really enjoyed seeing the cards here and in the prior post that you got from your other bloggie friends, Brenda! I thought what you wrote about your situation and how much these friendships mean to you was really really well-written and not pathetic. You are a very strong woman who inspires me to be a better woman myself and a better wife. So, you see, it's not a one-way street. You aren't the only one on the receiving end, at least for me, but I bet I can speak on behalf of your other friends, as well. Feel free to shoot me an email any time, too, if I get behind on my comments! And now you'd better go give Molly an extra walk. Crikey, that was the last thing she needed after all that work on her diet! Oh, that reminds me - totally karacked up at how long your resolution lasted! That's soooo me!! Big hugs, Darnell

Ellie said...

You received some beautiful cards! Fudge sounds delicious! I really need to make some very soon! Sorry to read about your husband's illness. It must be so hard!

Brenda said...

Well fudge and fries sounds pretty good to me Brenda! I know we should all eat healthier but we are at an age now where we should be able to eat what we want without the guilt. And slacks, you need them so you won't freeze your fanny! lol I'm so glad you didn't beat yourself up over it Brenda. I don't make resolutions either because I never keep them myself. So I just don't make them! I love the first card, I think I see wink of stella shimmering on it. I'm glad you enjoy my little card. It's hard to deal with hubby I'm sure Brenda, I would be afraid to leave him alone too. I tend to me a homebody and don't go out much at all. And when I do it is just to the grocery store and back, nothing glamorous about the grocery store! But in the winter, I really hibernate and get to the point that I don't even want to go to the grocery store. lol So I too love to talk to my blogging buddies because they make my day an awesome one! My hubby isn't much of a talker, so even getting him to chat with me is very hard. He is a man of little words. So now that my boys left home I don't have anymore to really talk to, so I talk to my blog buddies whom I adore! I guess that explains why I'm so chatty. lol Anyway you know I'm here for you if you ever need to chat, either by phone or email. And remember you are a wonderful wife and a wonderful stronge woman, there is nothing in you that is pathetic!! Big hugs, Brenda

Greta said...

I'm so happy you enjoyed getting my card. I love the shimmer from that spray glitter. I'm so sorry your husband is getting worse. I can imagine how isolated you must feel. There might be respite available so you can get out once in awhile without worrying. I did have to giggle about Molly--made her day, for sure! If you enjoy your new goodies it's worth breaking the resolution, I say! Warm hugs, Greta

papayoung said...
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Di said...

Oh my dear sweet friend, I just read this and wept. There was a little smile there at the thought of Molly making a real piggy of herself, but it truly brought home to me how important it is that your hubby finds the day care centre to be fine. As others have said - you do so much and are strong, loving and capable - but everyone needs some respite when in a situation like yours.

I agree that the internet is a wonderful place and I cherish every single friend I've made through the phenomenon that is known as blogging. I do think that women are less solitary than a lot of menfolk and we often find that blogging is an escape/reaching out to one another, Believe me chick, there are a lot of us who are willing you on and hoping that things get easier for you and your hubby.

Much love, Di xx