Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year everyone. I hope this year brings you health and love and good luck for you and your family. I hope you keep all the resolutions you make and make all the cards you want. I hope you are happy and pleased with everything in your life. And most of all, I wish you no stress. I do not plan to buy a lot of "stuff" this year. That means anything I really don't need. No more stamps, clothes, kitchen ware or books. Those are my downfall. No junk food, only trying to eat healthy snacks. Walk the dog more so she stays slim. We'll see how all that goes. I won't beat myself up over it but I am going to try.

I got some beautiful Christmas cards from blogger friends. I'll show you some today and some later on. Be kind to one another.

These are from and Mary's card sparkles. It is mounted on green glitter paper and stamped on red velvet paper and embossed in gold and has red gems on the holly. The card from Louise is softly sparkled. I'm not sure how she did it. It is on soft lavender paper with a teeney red bow and glitter star. The whole card has soft shimmer on it. They are all gorgeous. Thanks so much ladies.


Lisa said...

What gorgeous cards!! Happy New Year!! I hope 2015 is a fabulous one for you :)

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Mrs A. said...

Two great cards. Happy New year to,you. I think I can manage to keep the no new kitchen ware! Lol. Hugs Mrs A.

MaryH said...

Hey Brenda, I recognize that card! Glad if you enjoyed it. I finally found the ones I had meant to share while away, they were still on the desktop computer. Got some posted tonight. We're still unpacking. Today was rainy, cold & gloomy. In a blue mood, stayed in my flannel jammies all day. Did laundry, read a novel & napped. Mr. did pretty much the same - aside from reading. Supposed to be bad weather all wkend. Expect it's cold up your way as well. Hope you & Mr. had a pleasant NYear's Day. Glad to have the holidays behind us. TFS & Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda,
Sorry I am so late responding...this new year is getting away from me already!!! Thought I would let you know what I used to make the snowman sparkle softly....after I stamped all the cards I put them in an open box and sprayed gold, perfect pearls mist on them....I love that technique and it just adds to the embellishment of the card when it needs that "something more" look. Have a good day.

Brenda said...

Here I am late to the party again! lol I love these two cards Brenda, I know Mary makes such beautiful cards and I love hers. But that snowman is really cute! Love how they took that SU stamp set and made this snowman, so clever! Hugs, Brenda

Greta said...

I know you had fun opening these wonderful cards! Blogging friends are just the best!