Sunday, October 18, 2015

Oh my, we are in a freeze right now. It will warm up later in the week but I am just not ready for cold weather. To be honest, I never am.

This card is made with Doodlebug papers from last year, Twiggy Tree die from Memory Box and the owl is cut out from a DeNami stamp and You're a Hoot is also DeNami. The owl is popped up on the branch. The hill is Lawn Fawn. I use that expression a lot so when I saw that stamp I had to have it. Look at me use that patterned paper! I struggle with that and I do like this card.

No news on hubby. I don't have the results of ultrasound yet. Probably tomorrow. He is coming out of the funk he was in so I think the medicine is out of his system. I got powdered medicine to replace those big pills so that has helped. I have been talking with the nursing home people and my son and I are visiting them Monday afternoon. I just can't do that just yet but I do think it is coming. Speaking of the powdered medicine I have to tell you this. When I went to pick it up they gave me a month of medicine and it was $33. We usually get three months at a time of the pills and they are $184. The powder is $99. for three months. Who knew!  How do you know to ask those questions!  We have been paying $85. more forever. Maybe the pills are stronger, I don't know but they replaced them with the powder. Be kind to one another.


Lisa said...

What an adorable card!! I love the sweet owl!! The owl paper is so fun!! I'm glad your hubby is coming out of his funk. Hope all goes well with the results of the ultrasound. Have a great day :)

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Liz said...

Just love this card, Brenda. That cute little owl sitting in the tree is so adorable.

Hope you get the results of the ultrasound tomorrow. xx

My Crafty Place - Sharyn Polesel said...

Look at you and the patterned paper! Love looks great! Hope you get some news on your hubby soon.

Greta said...

One of the best Halloween cards ever, Brenda! Wonderful design! Hoping you have a better week & wishing you peace as you make decisions.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Not into Halloween cards, myself, but think this is great layout Brenda, and really love the wee owl, he is sooo cute.
I really do pray the meds go better for hubby, and things generally are on the up... often things via powder are cheaper but powder is often better, more readily absorbed etc. it is just folks like the convenience of tablets instead of powder.
Thanks so much for popping over.
Shaz in Oz.x

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Colleen said...

Your card is terrific, and I am so impressed with your use of the pattern paper!! I struggle with that myself, but still can't stop myself from buying it!! Oh I surely do pray that you can find strength, peace and comfort when it comes time to make that tough decision! Whatever you decide, it will be made out of love and for love and because you have love in your heart! God bless...heart hugs, Colleen

Mrs A. said...

This is just perfect Brenda. I love the wavy line. Looks kinda cute. The temperature is set to plummet here at the weekend so I think the thicker duvert will be going back on the bed pronto if it does. Hugs Mrs A.

MaryH said...

This is adorable and so cheerful with all these holiday colors. And you did a fantastic job combining the patterns. I would not have thought to use the 2 patterns together, so you definitely have a great eye. The texture on the 'hill' looks great with the other 2, and very dimensional. You're broadening your creative skills, and doing a terrific job! I'm glad if things seem to be easing just a mite, (and also on the info about the meds!). I know you're facing a hard decision soon, but with your boys, I hope ya'll can decide what is best for ALL of you. Brrrr...and stay warm. Big hugs and TFS

Darnell J Knauss said...

Great card, Brenda! I love the design, the colors, and the texture! I guess that about covers it, huh?, lol!

I'm not surprised about the powder/tablet business. Kevin was prescribed a medication that came in a starter pack. The pharmacy said our insurance didn't cover it and it would be $800. I told them to call the ER doc for an alternative, but when they called me back, they said they had figured out how to work around the original medicine. If they gave him the same brand, in the same quantity, but not in a "starter pack," then the insurance would cover it and it was only $69! Like you, I thought to myself, how would people know this, know what to ask, etc.?! Grrr!

I'm keeping you in my prayers as you work your way through this difficult time and do what's best for both of you. Big hugs, Darnell

Di said...

Hi Brenda! I adore this card, too cute :) Goodness knows how I missed your post, am sure Blogger is playing up.

Good grief, your medication is so costly to begin with - and we moan about the NHS prescription charges here in the UK.

It's a difficult time for you with decisions to be made Brenda, sending you love and hugs.

Di xx

Cathy said...

Great card Brenda, love the little owl! Hope all works out well for you and your hubby :) Cathy x