Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Whew, what a day. I meant to tell you about roller derby. It was really something to see. I think the girls spent as much time on the floor as on their skates. It was fun to watch and our team won the match. I'm still a little fuzzy about how it is scored. There are about eight referees out on the floor because both teams are doing the same thing at the same time. It moves pretty fast.

Today I had a mole taken off my hand and a wart taken off the corner of my left eyebrow. My eye is really sore but my hand seems okay. I wasn't worried about either one but I did it to be preventative. Doc said they weren't deep and he thought they were fine. They will call with results.

Then I went to Jo Ann's and found some real bargains. Their boxes of envelopes for A2 cards were $4 each. I got a box of pastels and one of brights. Then I found a Sizzix die for $3.97 so I couldn't pass that up. On to Hobby Lobby to see if there were any calendars left this year. My BIL came yesterday and diagnosed the light problem as the ballast. So while I went to get a new one, he hung the calendar holder for me. However, I will have to decorate it since I couldn't find a calendar at HL. I'll still look around.  A little later we had horrific thunderstorms with wind and strong rain and a lot of hail. It blanketed the ground. There are still a few moving through but not as strong.

I was happy to see Meryl win DWTS last night and the winner of the voice is an Indiana guy so that was very nice. He has a great voice. Tonight is the final for Survivor. I'm kind of tired of that show but I do watch because there isn't anything else opposite. I did get a few more cards done for water color class. I loved that class and I would be happy if it went on forever. It is a fun thing to do. I think because it is not so precise and it still looks good. Well, it will as I get better and better. I've gone on and on so I will say goodnight. Be kind to one another.



cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Pretty cards Brenda. I need to do some water coloring too.
You sure had some rough storms down there in IN. Weather has been nice up here, for a change.

Oh yes, I was so happy that Myerl won....and Maks too....wonder if they will get married, for real, they make a great couple. I am glad I recorded it so I can watch it again. The guy from In. was Adam Levene his mentor....will have to watch the end of that one. Have a great evening.

Brenda said...

Wow Brenda, these are some fabulous cards! You have learned so much with that water color class!!! I am really hoping to be able to take it either this fall or winter as I have loved everyone projects so much!! I really love the "rainbow" card, that is so pretty, the flowers are just amazing and I love the mail box with the splatters-very cool cards my friend! The roller derby sounded like fun, but not sure I would understand how they score either. lol I pray that the mole and wart are nothing to worry about too. And I hope that you eye brow isn't sore for long. Glad you found some deals while out and about and glad you light problem was found so it can be fixed. There has been a lot of storms Brenda and they haven't been nice at all! How cool that the Voice winner was from Indiana!! I didn't get to see the show. Hugs, Brenda

Darnell J Knauss said...

Your watercolor cards are just lovely, Brenda! I'm hoping to be able to get back to the class some on the weekend. Then my sister arrives for a few days, but after that (June by then, it's going by SO fast), I would love to spend some daily time to finish the videos. I hate that I'm still stuck on Day Five.

I was thinking about you yesterday when they said bad storms and hail were pummeling your area. It's been a rough spring so far, which isn't fair after that lousy never-ending winter you had!

I'm so happy that Merle and Max won, too. Gosh, they sure do look like magic together, personally and as dancers. I've never seen him like that - he's like a kitten in her arms!! I hope they get married and have babies! I watched Survivor, too. I didn't really love or really hate anyone this time, not like I normally do. I'm kinda bored with it, too, especially when they bring former contestants back and back and back. It was nice to have normal unknown people this time.

Take care. I hope your little surgeries heal up nicely and you don't get any bad biopsy results. Hugs, Darnell

Greta said...

Lovely collection of cards, Brenda! I really should have taken that class. I've got to take time to finish the stencil one, which is great--just not enough time in the day!