Friday, May 16, 2014

Finally got to the hardware store. Who knew there were so many fluorescence light choices. Length, diameter and strength?  Then off to caulk. Again, what kind. I did walk right over and picked up RoundUp. That was easy. I did do the homework for freehand watercolor. Freehand is not my thing but there are so many other ways to water color that that's okay. My tulips are from a stencil. Again, okay but not my favorite.

Tomorrow we are going to see our granddaughter roller skate in her first actual roller derby meet. We've been to see her skate but not in a meet. Then she leaves for Ecuador on the 30th of May for ten days.She goes with her class from school. They travel from place to place and get to do quite a bit while they're there.
Be kind to one another.


  1. These are lovely, Brenda! I really love the tulips & have that die--thanks for the inspiration! I know what you mean about choices of bulbs & the light they put out can be very different. Enjoy the meet--I've never seen a roller derby--fun to go root for your granddaughter!

  2. Once again, Brenda, I sincerely think you nailed the homework! I love both of these freehand images! The tree thing scares the carp out of me, but I think I can do the poppie style; I really, really like how CAS that is!!

    Hope you are having a great weekend. We were gone all day yesterday and now have house schtuff today, so my homework remains deep in the shadows ... sigh. Hugs, Darnell

  3. PS Oh, I forgot to say how cool that is about your granddaughter in the roller derby and getting a chance to travel to Ecuador! I hope the derby was great fun!! xo djk

  4. great post Brenda! I agree with Darnell, you've nailed it and I also enjoy seeing how much you respect the "white" space on your cards...

  5. Wow Brenda, you did a fabulous job with the free hand part of your homework! I love your tree! I also love your poppy card, so pretty and even those you aren't fond of either of these techniques, they still turned out great and you charged forward anyway. Good for you!!! How fun to go watch your granddaughter skate in a derby and a little scary to maybe. It is awesome that she is going to Ecuador on the 30th of May. My son graduates on the 30th of May. Hugs, Brenda