Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Another great day with the online class.  I was so pleased with my first card. When it was just the design on the paper it was great. Then I mounted it, glued it on the back and dropped it on the floor, glue side down. It immediately picked up dog hair and looked like a furry animal itself. Plus, when I picked it up I got glue in the upper left corner. I had to take tweezers and pick off the dog hair but couldn't get the glue off. I was so disappointed but here it is anyhow. This is a Rubber Stamp Tapestry stamp I purchased many years ago and had not really liked it stamped. In watercolor it looks so much better. We have our first 80 degree day and I'm inside stamping! I do have all the windows open and it is pretty windy. The blinds keep crashing against the frames but it is nice to have fresh air. I'm cleaning up my space and taking Molly for a walk.  Be kind to one another. I am going to try and upload this to


Darnell J Knauss said...

Really, you are so calm, Brenda! What a great attitude. I'm really sorry you had to tweeze the eyebrows off your card, but you did an excellent job of it. Your posies are so pretty and so well-formed and so well-grounded - all the right elements! And I think a little angled slip of paper with a name or a greeting will cover the glue spot and not mess up your design. The blue is gorgeous!! Hugs, Darnell

Brenda said...

What a beautiful card Brenda! I'm sorry it fell on the floor and trust me I know all about the dog hair! You cleaned it up great and it makes a great card. You can always add a sentiment or some gems on the glue spot or take a white eraser and try to erase off the glue. They have special erasers too that will get the glue off. At any rate your card is stunning and I just love that stamped image. You are doing fabulous with your classes!!! Hugs