Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! It is so cold here with wind chills of 30 and howling wind and rain with a temp of 37. I feel so bad for the trick or treaters out in this. My son will be taking his kids out for a while. Probably a short while! There have been snow flurries all day but nothing sticking. I hope this is not a preview of the winter to come.

Dh (dear husband) seems better but has developed a rash all over. I called Dr. and they said not to worry, they will see him next week. Okay then. I have sparkles and a cloudy place in my right eye. I called, they said to use drops. I think something is wrong. I see them Monday.

This is my last Halloween card. It is a Lawn Fawn stamp. I love their stamps because they are so fun. Cute little critters and fun sayings. It's time to start on Thanksgiving cards. I received a wonderful card and gift from a blogger friend yesterday that really cheered me up. It has been a bummer of a month and I'm glad to see it over. So the timing of that gift was perfect. Be kind to one another.


Liz said...

I cute card! We don't celebrate Halloween in the UK as much as you do in the US. I had a box a chocolate treats ready for any little callers, but no one came this year. I'll just have to eat the chocolates myself! LOL! Hope the doctor sorts out the problems soon for you and your DH. xx

Di said...

Hi Brenda! Sorry it was such a rotten month for you :-(

About your eye - you must have it looked at. It's usually just some of the viscous jelly within the eyeball that tends to break away as we get older and is a bit like shooting stars - my dh has it. But the opthalmist will also check it isn't the retina becoming detached which is much more serious of course. My money is on it being the lesser problem but best to check asap. In the UK it's treated as urgent.


Di xx

Lisa said...

What a fun card!! The little candy corn are so cute with their sweet faces!! I hope you and your hubby are all better soon. Sorry it's been such a bad month for you. Hoping November is much better!! Have a great day :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Greta said...

Oh what a darling card, Brenda! I so hope your eye is OK & that November is a much better month!

Brenda said...

This is a super cute card Brenda! I love LF too but don't own any...yet. lol I hope the rash that DH has isn't from his meds. And I pray that there is nothing seriously wrong with your eye. You will have to let us know how things go my friend. Big Hugs, Brenda

MaryH said...

Delightfully spooky & colorful too. Cute design & your faux stitching is perfect. That's a knack I can't master, so very admiring of it on this black background. Hope all continues to improve with the both of you, and that you can stay uplifted and strong for what you must do. Hugs & TFS

Lisa Petrella said...

What a super cute Halloween card!!! Love how you added the little stitches around the edges! Hope you and your husband are doing better and better with each new day.