Friday, June 6, 2014

Another perfect day of sunshine and  temps in the 70's. Molly and I have had our walk and she is sleeping soundly. This is not card related so you can skip this next paragraph if you don't want to be bored.

My newest mission is again the Veterans Administration. We have done a complete circle which got us nowhere. Applied in St. Louis for a DD 214 form They said hubby's record is incomplete so they sent it to Quantico, VA and said we would hear from them, which we did not. Quantico sent our request to US Dept. of Veterans Affairs and they said apply to St. Louis for a DD 214 and none of them were forthcoming with any help. I called the Veterans Hospital here where we first went. They were to call back within three days. That did not happen. I called the Marine Corp. and left message. They did not return my call. I called the Dept. of Veteran Affairs and he gave me a phone number to call. When I called them, I found out they were in St. Louis, right where we started! I almost dropped the phone when she said she was in St. Louis.  I called our local district Congressman, they did not return my call. I called our local VA again and left a second message stating they did not return my call previously and I would appreciate a call back. This morning I did get a call from someone who said she would get in touch with her supervisor and maybe she could help. They "will call me back". How do elderly people do this. I can see why the VA is in big trouble. We aren't asking for money or an appointment. All we want to do is get my hubby's name in the system in case of an emergency. Looks like we will have the emergency before we get in the system. Since I am getting such a run around now I have made it my mission to get this done.

Today's card is one I saw a video of on the blog of I loved her card and really tried to make it. I didn't have the same colors as she did but I am pleased. It took me three tries and I still got some of the embossing powder on the other words but it is tricky.  If you pour off the powder onto another card the colors will mix and that is pretty too. I didn't put a card together with those fronts but I will use them later. It is a cool look.  The last word on my card is in lavender. It doesn't show up very well in the photo. Hope you enjoy. Be kind to one another.


Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh, what a fun idea, Brenda! I haven't tried this. That last one is my favorite!

I'm sorry you got the official brushoff with the "cyb" response. It's a disgrace that this is happening in America! I know you will be tenacious and not give up on behalf of all the other people out there who can't cope or who do give up. I think that is what they are counting on - that people will just give up. Don't do it!! You're my hero!

Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Darnell PS, Thank you for your support of my NBUS Challenge. I look forward to seeing your creation!

MaryH said...

I've not visited Nichole M. for a long while now. I used to follow her blog. I like what you did with the cards. Very pretty and I can imagine trying to use the diff colors of the powders took a real steady hand and lots of patience. I hear you about the VA problems. It's the same way in our area. I think it is deliberate, and such a shame too, because these Vets earned anything that this country can do for them. I hope this current mess with the VA gets some serious issues solved, and I hope you & your DH can get some help as well. I'd be back on the phone to that Congressman and remind them that you vote. Also that you have a blog, and will be letting the public know just how you, a constituent, are being treated! Maybe that will get their attention. They figure if you get frustrated enough, you'll quit trying and they won't have to bother. That's a shame and I hope you keep trying. Good luck! Hugs

MaryH said...

One other thought: can you contact your local tv station and get to somebody who can publicize the run-around you're getting???Sometimes local stations have a sort of ombudsperson who can get more attention to a problem. Or write the local newspaper editor...Again, good luck.!

Brenda said...

It really makes me mad about the way our Veterans get treated in this country. Of all the people our Veterans should be taken care of because they are the ones that have or are fighting for our freedoms. I sure hope you get to the bottom of this Brenda, call a local news show, the coverage against them will get the ball rolling! Now on your card, I so love how you have embossed your words-so pretty!! I can see the lovely lavender too on your last word. So gorgeous! Hugs, Brenda