Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We are above zero today with tomorrow being 25 and Friday going up to 35. Who hoo. It's funny how your mind set gets. In October we're thinking "Oh my gosh, we are getting two inches of snow, darn it that's too much". Now we think "Oh thank goodness we're only getting two inches of snow".
It is still cold at zero or a little above. Hope all of you expecting ice and snow are safe and warm.

On my first card today I got to use an embossing folder by Darcie that Emily of sent me as blog candy. It is so sweet with lots of different hearts. My second card is with a stamp set from Lawn Fawn and I saw a card made like this but I'm not sure if it was on their blog or by one of the design team.

These last two pictures are tracks from this morning. In the first picture you can see footprints outside of the fence coming around and by the side of the fence. In the second picture, which isn't good, shows the footprints right up against the fence. These are pretty big prints so we think maybe deer prints. To the right of our property is a field with lots of trees where the deer live. There is a coyote that just strolls through the common area beyond our fence in the daylight and those tracks are a little farther from the fence.



MaryH said...

Oh my goodness...look at all that snow! TFS & it made me feel a lot better about what I see covering the ground outside the window! (Nothing compared to what ya'll have!). Loved both these cards. That's a great EF & it certainly made a beautiful background for that pretty basket of hearts. Great pop of color with the red doily supporting the basket too. The little elephants are just adorable & what a great crisp, clean but so cute card! Love both of 'em. So enjoyed the chat today. Stay warm. Hugs & TFS

Mrs A. said...

Those elephants are so darn cute. I love the way they are all piled up. I like the heart embossing folder and of course the colour is right up my street. We have no snow just wind and rain which has died down for today now but we are getting another hammering on Friday. I am so grateful that we do have have to struggle out to work in it. Will have to venture into town tomorrow to pick up my new glasses and The Doc has had a ring resized and both shops have run say we can pick them up. Hugs Mrs A.

Emily Keaton said...

Hi Brenda!! I was smiling from ear to ear when I saw the card you made with your new embossing folder. It's gorgeous!! And that stamp image is just perfect to go with it. Pink and red hearts just make me so happy to see!! And I LOVE that sweet elephant card. How darling!

We have so much snow on the ground around here, too (with more one its way for tomorrow--the depth predictions have varied wildly today, so who knows? I don't know if school will be cancelled tomorrow or not. That's a big question mark, too!!) Anyway, it's been fun to see all the critter prints that have shown up in our yard and along our road, too. I know there have been deer, and maybe raccoon and squirrel, too. But no coyote!!!!

Stay warm!!!

Colleen said...

Brenda, our snow is gone now...just rain. I guess that is a blessing, life can go on. LOVE your elephant card, that is so darn cute! and thank you for the email. you are so sweet, I think of you often during the day!

Brenda said...

Hi Brenda, Mary H sent me to check out your blog!! I'm now a follower. I always love it when people sent me to blogs that I don't know about. Your cards are beautiful, love that embossing folder with the hearts. I also love those cute elephants stacked up on top of each other, too cute! We are getting hit with 10-14 inches of snow right now on top of what we already had, so I get you when you say that thank goodness it is only 2 inches of snow. lol Hubby and I visited your city a couple of years ago. Went around the race track, hubby likes to watch racing sometimes. We were only there for one day though, quick trip. TFS & Hugs!