Saturday, February 8, 2014

All I wanted to do was start a blog, share a few cards I made and visit new friends. It sounds so simple, fun and easy. I love the new friends, love visiting blogs and being inspired by all of you great stampers out there and it's always nice to get comments and email. Since I got my new laptop, the computer issues have continued. I'll be the first to admit I'm not the brightest chip in the disc when it comes to computers. Windows 8 is easy to learn as far as moving around. This window that keeps jumping around is making me nuts. I just typed this sentence and it jumped to a different screen and when I came back this sentence wasn't there any more. Why? I keep losing my internet connection . I can load the comment page, type on it and then it leaves. Where does it go? Some blogs won't load at all. Mostly I get the message that Internet Explorer can't display the page. Why not, it used to. "Ben" loaded google chrome on to run yahoo. I called Comcast today (again) and he said use only the router and not the modem that they connected. That will fix all your problems. As soon as we got off the phone I started to go to some of my blogs and IE could not display the page. I play boggle online and keep losing my connection. That has never happened before and I've been playing that a long time. Could it be the laptop? I'm so discouraged that I've taken a break. That's where I've been. I have made some cards and I will take pictures tomorrow and post some of them. We have to visit the funeral home tomorrow for the father of one of our son's closest friend that he grew up with. On the up side, the Olympic games have started and I love watching them. I would like to make paragraphs for you but enter won't take me to the next line.  Be kind to one another.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda :)
I am sorry you are still having internet/computer problems-drives you nuts doesn't it?I am back on the all singing-all-dancing(not!)new laptop again as my old faithful now has another problem-i really should retire the poor over worked thing-but i love it! and can work it with my eyes closed-this ione is such hard work and it does get you down when you try to comment-chin up,we will both get there in the end i am sure-glad you have had some crafty time-crafting makes everything better doesn't it :)
Have a happy day,hugs Nessa xxxx

Mrs A. said...

So sorry to here about all your computer problems and understand how disappointed you must be feeling but don't give up. you are showing us such lovely cards. Chin up, keep calm and type your stuff!!! Much hugs Mrs A.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Sorry to hear you are not trouble free many computer problems, that just has to be frustrating. Maybe there is something wrong with the new laptop??? Or most likely something is not compatible with something else. I have heard that sometimes mixing a Mac with HP or Dell just doesn't work together. Maybe comcast, google and IE are fighting against each other....who knows.

Glad to hear that Windows 8 is easy to learn....I am not looking forward to the new transition myself....would just rather stay in windows XP. I know what I am doing. The older I get the less adventureous I! Keep looking up, you will figure it out eventually. Thank goodness you have your cards to calm you down. (:)

MaryH said...

Hi Brenda,Bless your heart. I can feel the frustration you are experiencing all the way down here in SC. What does "Ben" say you should be doing? Maybe if you can revisit his shop, and work on the laptop there, and let him see what you see as it happens, he'll get a clue. I sometimes have my comment disappear too, so I'm thinkin' that bit may be a blogger issue. But I don't really know. Keep on though, we love seeing your cards! Hugs