Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'm in the home stretch. Shopping done, presents wrapped, decorating done. Todays card is from a previous year made in stamp camp. I have two gift card holders to make today with the punch board. Then it's just cleaning and cooking. I like to cook but see no reason to clean. It just gets dirty again. What a waste of time when you could be making cards. 

Cable tech came Tuesday. Couldn't install because they had not received third party approval from my current phone company. He sat in our driveway for over 1/2 hour calling home office to get this done. Said he would either be back Wed. to install or someone would call me. No one called and he did not come. I called this morning. Asked for a supervisor. He actually checked and found approval had been done, tech will be here tomorrow and they are waiving installation fee. Should I expect him - I don't know. I would not have thought since I ordered new service on Nov. 25th it would take this long.  Be kind to one another. I have been kind to the cable people when I wanted to scream and say a naughty word. Or several.



Colleen said...

I like your thinking ...about cleaning!! Merry Christmas...and good job continuing to be kind to people..even when you want to scream!!

Vicky Hayes said...

Love the pink trees Brenda! You are very wise about the cleaning and very, very patient! I am impressed. Have a lovely Christmas. Vicky x