Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I feel safe in saying winter has arrived even if it's not on the calendar yet. Our temps. are -5 to 5 above. We still have snow on the ground but not that much. Molly runs right out does her thing and runs right back in and that's not like her. She loves the snow but not the cold.  Took hubby to cardiologist for a check up today and he got a clean bill of health. That always makes you feel good when you go in for a checkup and everything is fine. Dr. said they no longer use a treadmill test as a baseline. Only do it now if there is a problem. It's nice to have one less test to pay for that isn't needed.  I am showing you a gift I made for our gift exchange in my card group for Christmas. It was a set of three of those paper board hatboxes you can get at Michael's or a hobby store. I painted them a light green and decorated the top with a sizzix snowman and added hats and scarfs for them. All three were decorated. Somehow most of my pictures in Kodak in my computer say they are lost. It gives me an option to reconnect but they don't. So this picture is the only one of three that I still have.

Be kind to one another.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Cute snowmen. Yep....it's pretty cold here too. My poor little dog's feet were so cold, had to pick her up and wipe them off from the snow. Our walk didn't last long, she was ready to go home very quickly, pulling my back home...smart dog. This time of the year it is only supposed to be 32 degrees, right now it's 8 degrees and suppose to get colder. The windchill makes it feel colder too. Have a great day!!

Emily Keaton said...

Goodness, your snowmen are so cute! I love their coordinating scarves. This will be a most-coveted gift at your gift exchange!! Please don't send the sub-zero temps our way ;) Stay warm!