Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween to all. I hope you have lovely little trick or treaters and everyone is safe. We are having upper 50's and dry weather for them. I don't get any that come here and I miss that.

Oh my gosh, it seems like forever since I posted. The roof is fixed with a new boot and caulking around the chimney.  It was a busy week for me. Bingo for my SIL's sorority, a trip to Nashville, IN to the stamp stores, we had exceptional 75 degree weather for our tailgate and baseball and football on Sunday. Plus I am a serious reader and since I've been making cards and visiting blogs I don't read until bedtime. I had five books all come in at once at the library so I have been reading like mad. Harlan Coben - Home, Preston & Child - The Obsidian Chamber, Janet Evanovic - Curious Minds, Debbie Macomber - Sweet Tommorrows and Elin Hilderbrand - Winter Storms. I know, it's a strange assortment but I read everything! I also have two more in but I don't have to pick them up until 11/3. That's what I've been up to instead of making cards this past week.

This card is the last one from the class I took and it is different. It has a pocket on the front with a tag. Then the fold is unusual as it opens kind of sideways and is a easel card. It is also a bigger card than usual. Be kind to one another.


Di said...

Super card Brenda - and I do love that spider! It's cute rather than spooky - which I prefer. We're a few hours ahead of you and have just been setting up things ready for the rush of kids which will begin once it gets dark for sure! In keeping with 'cute' I have a little hair band to wear with a little black and pink witches hat perched merrily on top!



Liz said...

Pleased to hear your roof is fixed now.

Only two little trick or treaters so far this evening, but it only 7.15pm here, so still time for a few more. Chocolate treats are waiting for more visitors.

Love your card, really unusual design. xx

Sue - said...

So glad you got your roof fixed! I'm a reader too but like you at bedtime. If I read in the day I tend to doze off - it must be my age! No trick or treaters here yet, I might have to eat all the sweeets myself like last year. Of course if I didn't have any I would probably have a stream of them. Love your card, it looks like a twisted easel card.

Di said...

It's all over for the evening here! Too funny, a little tot of about two/three turned up at the door with herfamily and she was wearing the same witches hat as me :) No wonder that hair band was tight! Also, when one little girlie timidly took a piece of wrapped candy I offered her the chance of a second one (business was running slow tonight!). In proper little ladylike Pollyanna tones she replied ' No thank you..... but it is most kind of you to offer'. Goodness knows how I kept a straight face :) Aged four at the very outside - and obviously being trained to 'take tea at the Hotel Ritz' :) Gosh I wish more kids were like that! Been such a good laugh - ha, once I opened to door knowing the kids weren't teeny little ones and yelled 'Boo' - and they all ran away screaming :)) Then, another couple of teenage girls knocked so I opened the door and said 'Sorry, no-one's at home right now' - and one promptly set off back down our driveway!! Her friend was rolling around laughing and I just kept a straight face and said 'So you think I ALWAYS wear this stoopid witches hat, huh?'. So if it's quiet where you are honey - I hope some of these little tales make you smile :) I could write reams about this evening in fact - we had a banana at the door having huge problems tripping over his tail end of the skin. Plus a doggie who wanted to move in with us!! Called Coco and am planning to dognap her ASAP!


Di xx

Lisa said...

Oh wow, Brenda, this is amazing!! I love the design with the tag and the papers!! It looks so fabulous!! Perfect for Halloween!! I'm so glad you got your roof fixed!! I'm a huge reader, too (and writer...that's my main job ;) I never leave the house without a book!! Also, I meant to answer your question about the name of my last name is Fish, so I'm half fish, half human, therefore, I'm a true mermaid!! ;D Have a wonderful evening my friend!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Mrs A. said...

This is a super card Brenda. I love the little pocket on the front and that spider is sooooooo cute. Just been reading Di's comment above. I'm shooting stright round there and knocking on her door.
We have a firm coming out to fix the guttering this Friday. Had to call in the big guys in the end as noone local wanted to know. Hugs Mrs A.

Greta said...

Hurrah--no more leak! Sounds like a fun week, Brenda! We don't get many kids, but had a few tonight & they were all sweet & cute. Poor Fritz doesn't understand, but he did pretty good in his crate when the doorbell rang. Fun card--never made anything like that!

Darnell J Knauss said...

That's amazing weather for this time of year, Brenda! And kind of a pain if you put away your summer tops and get out your sweaters! I'm so glad the roof is fixed so you don't have to have that hanging over your head. (Oh, hahahaha, I knew you would love that one!) Your twisted card is unique and well done from your class! Happy reading or crafting, whichever makes you happy, my friend!! Hugs, Darnell

alexandra s.m. said...

You have been busy ;)
Love your card!
The weather has been so nice in Chicago as well.

Colleen said...

I have seen easel cards, but never made one, your is amazing! so many fun elements to it! Thank you friend for the Halloween card you sent to me. I treasure it because you made it and thought of me!! We don't get trick or treaters where I live either. But I love walking around with my grands and enjoy seeing all the little ones in costumes! Glad your house is snug and tight water leaks, you are ready when it comes though! did you get yourself a raincoat? Heart Hugs, col

MaryH said...

This is a fantastic card, and so different from your usual style. It's wonderful that you're learning all these nifty new techniques and actually using them too! (I need to do that!) I've never done anything like this, so I'm very impressed. I'm a heavy reader as well, and Hildebrand is a new author to me. Have read & enjoyed most of the others you mentioned. I'm glad you've had such good weather, and were able to get out, have some fun things to enjoy, and also glad the repairs are all done before winter sets in for sure. Love this card, and so pleased you are able to take the classes to learn all these new techniques. TFS & have a great wkend. Hugs