Friday, August 1, 2014

Busy as a bee around here. Still cleaning out "stuff" and making order. Still lots to do. They are pouring the concrete today for the patio. There is a 30% chance of rain but it may not rain here so they are going ahead. They prefer we don't walk on it for 2 or 3 days. I don't know how Molly will take to this. It will require lots of walks for her that aren't usually on the schedule.

I have been constantly cleaning my glasses lately and rubbing my eyes. Finally went to eye doctor Wednesday to get an exam and order new glasses. Turns out I have cataracts! Oh dear. Consultation is scheduled for 9/29 and surgery has to be within 30 days after that. I know they do that every day and it is routine for them. I am such an avid reader that I have always been worried about something happening to my eyes. I am looking forward to seeing much better and clearly so that part will be good.

Here are my guys working in the back yard. It looks so small right now but it is 12x12 so I think it is plenty big enough for a table and chairs (which I don't have)! We have had such wonderful weather for summer here. It is usually so hot and humid and it has been unseasonably cooler. I am grateful because I just don't do humid. So it has been a productive summer so far. Be kind to one another.


Anonymous said...

This is Louise here.....that will be a nice patio, I am sure you will enjoy it. Walks will be good for you and Mollie, time to regroup. Kylie had two walks yesterday, one where it started to rain and the second one after the rain.

Sorry to hear about your eyes, but yes you will see better I am sure. Oh and the weather has be so beautiful this summer....perfect temps....but I guess the farmers want it warmer so their corn will grow. Have a good week end.

MaryH said...

Thanks for sharing the project. This looks like it is going to be a really nice size (and 12x12 should be just right for ya'll). Your grass is so pretty, and looks like you have a very nice community where you live. Handy to have neighbors close by when you get to a certain age! Can't wait to see how it all goes, and don't work too hard. Happy wkend and Hugs

Greta said...

So this is the year I could have come to visit my cousin in the summer to get a break from the Oregon summer--who'd have thought?! I know you'll enjoy your patio--I love going on our back deck with my coffee & a stamping magazine--when it isn't blazing hot--LOL!

Brenda said...

Oh no Brenda, I'm sorry to hear that you have cataracts. I know they do them all the time but it is still a little scary when it is you that has to have it done. I pray that all goes well. You patio is going to be so nice Brenda! And that is a great size for a table and chairs. I love sitting outside in the summertime and yes, it has been an unusually cool summer this year hasn't it?! I have been loving it but miss the hot, humid summer days because of being able to use the pool. We have only used it a few times this year, hardly worth opening it. lol But the hot tub has gotten use on these cool night. Everything looks like it is coming along well Brenda. Hugs, Brenda PS-I'm sure Molly will enjoy her walks too.