Saturday, July 19, 2014

Just popping in to say I'm still around. No card today tho. First off, I've been having trouble with my right foot and ankle swelling up every day. The left one a little but not like the right one. Went to Dr. He gave me water pills and said the deep veins aren't pumping the blood back up well and the fluid is building up and leaking causing the swelling. Well yuck. So I've been trying to keep my feet elevated. Also have developed a twitch in my right eye that is driving me crazy. Dr. gave me a pill to relax. When I took half of it I slept from 2:30 to 5:00 pm as hard as I could, then got up groggy. The next day I took the other half and did stay awake but it was a struggle. Dr. said even if we did nothing it would be okay, so I'm doing nothing about either thing since the cure was worse than the swelling and twitching!

It has been the best weather here. Very cool in the mornings and only in the 70's in the afternoon so I have been in a frenzy of cleaning. I kept saying I was going to do it but it was too hot. I've been in the garage cleaning and purging. I got rid of boxes of clothing that were stored and I can no longer wear. My cousin was having a garage sale and I hauled it all over there. When her sale is done she will take it all to the church sale. I hope they make some money for a good cause.

No one ever called me back from my calls to the Marine Corps. I sent a letter addressed to the Commandant explaining that we needed the DD 214 and I understood they have the records but I have not heard back. I sent it out on Wednesday and I received a call this Monday from them! An extremely nice woman said she was from the Marine Corps office in Quantico, Va and she had my letter and my husband's records right there on her desk. She said she didn't know where it had been since January but since the gentleman from the Marine Corps League here called on my behalf they have been working on it. It is half way completed and she said she is finishing it. They have the information they need all on reel to reel, micro fisch and cd's. It just has to be gone through and found and verified. She said it should be complete in a month and she will send it directly to me. I guess it pays to go to the top. I'm sure the Commandant didn't see the letter but at least someone did and they are taking action. I'm so relieved that someone is doing something. However, we haven't even started with the VA! I hope I have the stamina to do that.

So, that's what I've been up to. I have several drawers to clean out, the walk in closet in our room and one of the pantrys. In the fall I would like for our sons to come back and take everything out of the attic so I can go through it and get rid of it. I thought we did that when we moved here but somehow the attic is full again.

Once we get approval for the patio from the homeowners association we will move forward with that. I've put the rest on hold for now and will get back to it.  Thanks for hanging with me through this long saga.

I do have a question for you. My intent this year was to enter challenges. I haven't done that yet. When I look at the inspiration and then look at the cards I get a little confused. The cards don't always look like the inspiration piece. Is it okay to change things? Like if things are lined up straight across can you move them around in a triangle or square. Can you change a sentiment into an embellishment? That's what I mean. I'm not sure just how perfect it has to match what is shown for us to do. Do any of you know if that is okay? Would they just take my card out if it isn't right? Be kind to one another and pray for the victims families and loved ones of the Maylasia plane crash


Mrs A. said...

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your health. Hope you can get Hubbies records sorted out shortly too. With my current Butterly challenge I m asking for spots and stripes + your butterfly so in this instant as long as you have some stripes and spots of some discription(either patterned paper or painted or stuck on plus a butterfly then I certainly would not is qualify your entry. As regards using a sketch to follow a challenge then you are allowed to turn/rotate the sketch around. Hope this helps. Hugs Mrs A.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Glad to hear all is well except for a few issues. Was beginning to worry a bit. The weather has been beautiful and I do love the cooler weather.

My ankles tend to puff up in warmer weather, so this cool stuff is welcomed. Twittchy eye lids I have had too, when I am under some type of stress. Doctor has me on blood pressure med. Not sure if that has something to do with it, but the eyes don't twitch as much.

Can't help on the challenge...I don't do them. Should try some day. Glad you are finally getting some results on you husbands Marine papers. Hopefully the VA will go much smoother. Have a good day.

Cathy said...

Hi Brenda, sorry to hear your having some health issues, hope they get sorted soon. Great progress though on your marine corp issues though. I too need to get some de cluttering done, I can't believe how things in cupboards just seem to multiply!
Great monochrome card, pretty blues. I love entering challenges as they give me ideas to make new and different cards. Sometimes though I'm completely stumped! Mrs A's advice is good re the sketch challenges. I tend to stick to ones that are fairly simple with not many layers as that's the sort of card I like to make.
Most challenges have a tab where you can check out their guidelines or rules, it's a good place to start just to see what they require. Then it's just thinking of an idea to fit the theme. The DT cards are for inspiration but you can try anything so long as it fits the general rules. The main thing is to have fun :) Cathy x

MaryH said...

Hi Brenda, and just had a few minutes to pop over & check up on you. Sorry to hear you're having the swelling issues (sometimes I do too, so elevating your feet is good, since you're doing the water pills). Mine seems to happen if I'm on my feet a lot or when the weather is so hot. (in my case, some might be - ugh - old age!). So happy to learn the Commandant's letter got some results. I hope you made note of the lady's name so you can get back to her if need by. At least this is encouraging. I don't do many challenges either, but I think the interpretation of the inspiration photo is up to you....maybe colors or something? I don't think most places get too fussy about it. Give it a whirl. You can always try out the Snippets Playground (or like Mrs A said her Butterfly challenge!). Both are very friendly places with everyone ready to offer generous help. Off to check some of your earlier posts this afternoon. Hugs

Brenda said...

Life sounds like it has been challenging Brenda, and I know we all know all about that. I'm sorry about your feet and legs swelling. I too swell a lot, but this year I haven't and it has been so nice!!! Last summer while on vacation my feet and ankles were so swollen I could barely walk. I get those eye twitches too and they really do drive you nuts! I was told if it only last less than a week it's nothing to worry about. If it last longer than that could be a sign of neurological problems, which I do have an artery that is partially closed up in my brain. But my twitching isn't often thank God. I am glad to hear that the Commandant's letter got you some results!! Good news! As far as the challenges, the inspiration sketches or photo's are just that-for inspiration. You can take parts of it and get creative. So jump in there and have fun with the challenges!!! Hugs, Brenda

Greta said...

What a victory to finally have the Marine Corp working on what you need! I admire your stamina, Brenda. Can't remember if you've mentioned a patient advocate as far as the VA goes, but I know here in my little town there happens to be one who helps people through the VA maze. I'd think Indy would have such a person. As far as challenges go, I think they all vary a bit. You can always change the shape in a sketch & flip it or even leave off something, as far as I can tell. I generally look at the DT cards & figure the leeway they take is OK for me! Hope the doing nothing works--the cure can be worse than the problem, for sure!